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Chalet Host Jobs

A Day In The Life Of A Chalet Host

A typical day starts at around 7.30am. Breakfast is served between 8am and 9.15am. Usually, you have to clear up a bit from the night before. Then you need to lay up the breakfast table ensuring that all cereals, juice, tea, coffee, fruit, yoghurt and bread are all laid out. Whilst guests are helping themselves to the continental breakfast, you can be cooking the hot options, this would normally be 3 hot options for breakfast and you would change these everyday, porridge is also served daily.

After clearing up breakfast, you will need to set up afternoon tea, you are not expected to come back to serve afternoon tea, however, everything should be set up and ready to go, so all your guests need to do is switch on the kettle and coffee machine. Cleaning is a key part of a chalet host's role and every morning (except your 2 days off) all comunal areas need to be cleaned so they look homely and welcoming when guests come home from skiing. 

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A key part of this is role is organisation, the more organised you are the easier the job becomes. You can expect to leave the chalet around 11ish and can easily ski until 5pm if  you have done all your dinner prep in the morning!

Head home from the mountain for quick shower and to change back into clean uniform before the evening commences. Dinner is between 7.30 and 8pm but asking guests for a suitable time for them is often welcome. Going the extra mile is always noticed and appreciated.

Your routine will vary from week to week. You do have a budget to work to and you will need to plan around dietary requirements and children. Again, organisation is the key! Keep track of what supplies you have in the cupboard as it makes your shopping list easier and quicker to write. Buying only what you need not only reduces the amount you spend, it reduces the amount you have in your trolley!

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