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Chalet Menu

Chalet Menus

Refreshed Menus

Stay in a Skiworld catered chalet this season you are sure to be surprised, spoiled and fully satisfied by our delicious menu.

Every year we listen to our guests’ feedback and look at ways we can improve our service. We also ask our chalet hosts for their feedback too. After all, they are the cooks working at altitude in all shapes and sizes of chalet kitchen, with seasons’ worth of knowledge of what makes great chalet food. We then craft our menus making sure they are perfectly suited to the needs of a skier, that our hosts love cooking them, and above all they are truly delicious.

Local Ingredients, Fresh Flavours...

We have never compromised on our commitment to the fresh ingredients, regionally sourced from our home in the mountains, which have always been the staple of our menus.  Each year we reinterpret them to produce new and more diverse flavours, with an emphasis on honest and healthy food. The result is a modern menu, which caters for contemporary palettes.

We all like to indulge on our holidays, however you told us you would like a little more emphasis to be put on health in our menu. The fresh local ingredients we use result in dishes which are no less tasty and indulgent than ever before, but are also perfectly suited to a day’s activity on the slopes. Those who wish have the option to stay light on their skis, and anyone who is looking forward to their favourite indulgent elements of ski chalet cuisine, from freshly baked cakes to yummy puddings, will not be disappointed either… it is a holiday after all!

Breakfast could be considered the most important meal of the ski day.

We all like to indulge in a good full English, however our guest feedback suggests you don’t always want to eat the same fried breakfast every day for a week. So our breakfasts are curated just as carefully as our dinners are, with different delicious cooked meals offered, showcasing a variety of inspirations throughout the week.

Our menus have been crafted by our own chalet hosts, incorporating their knowledge and experience, in balance with the requests and feedback from our guests. So when we say 39 years of experience has gone into our menus, it is not just our experience, it is our guests’ as well. The results are delicious menus for all and the guarantee of a truly memorable chalet holiday.

Sample Chalet Menu

Oven baked Camembert with wine and honey

Plant Based/ Vegan- Little vegan ‘cheese’ fondue with salad and apple


French tarragon chicken with tarragon butter. Sea salt baked potatoes, Sticky carrots, Wilted greens

VegetarianChickpea tarragon walnut bake

Plant Based/ Vegan- Chickpea tarragon tomato bake with walnuts


Classic Tarte Tatin served with vanilla ice cream

Plant Based/ Vegan- Baked apple with honey raisins and figs

Signature Service

Our grade 5+ Signature Chalets offer an enhanced service to that of our catered chalets with a grade of 3-5. There are different delicious menus in Signature Chalets, see the dedicated page below or visit our Catered Ski Chalets page to see a summary of how services vary.

Signature Chalets

We are happy to cater for most dietary requirements. Please make requests at the time of booking, and be aware some dietary requirements incur a charge. Please make sure any requests you have made appear on your invoice.


Evening meals in chalets will be provided on 6 nights. This includes five nights of 3 or 4 courses meals (depending on the chalet grade) with complimentary wine until coffee. On one night you'll also get to enjoy a 2 course Alpine specialty meal. Guests will enjoy a comprehensive continental breakfast for 7 mornings with delicious and varied hot options provided by our hosts on 6 days.
On our chalet hosts’ day off, continental breakfast will be laid out and guests are free to enjoy dinner in resort.
For full details of our chalet inclusions please see our Catered Chalets page.