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Latest Travel Information

Before you go on your holiday, check back here to see any relevant travel updates. If we become aware of any potential disruption to our traveling guests, we will notify affected lead-bookers by email and/or SMS directly.

Updated 5th Feb 2024

Road Closures in France - Preparations for Departures on 10th & 11th Feb (Half Term)

We trust you are looking forward to your half term skiing holiday as much as our resort teams are looking forward to hosting you.

We thought we would help with information about travel on what is always a busy day on the roads in France.

Firstly, please do make sure that you have refreshments, both drinks and snacks with you at all times and this is of course especially true if you are travelling with children.

Secondly, at the time of writing, we do not know if the French farmers action will still be taking place when you travel. We thought we would let you know about the action we have been taking to at least minimise any disruption to transfers and ideally avoid it altogether:

  • The advantage of our (very) early charter flights is that we often get through more quickly than later transfers because we are on the roads before traffic has had time to build up.
  • We have our experienced overseas operations team on the ground who always use the latest information from local authorities, the gendarmes, our coach suppliers and aviation authorities to alter arrangements such as departure times and transfer routes in order to avoid disruptions.
  • Last weekend, we brought forward departures from resort and transfers did take a little longer. By so doing, none of our guests missed their flights. This also ensured that our coaches were in position to receive our arriving skiers. We then rerouted our coaches on to smaller roads to their resorts and again, whilst this took a little longer, none were caught in road blocks.

If we are made aware of any other operational issues ahead of travel days we will contact lead bookers by email and/or SMS directly (please make sure we have your contact mobile number for just such an eventuality) or post the information on this page.

Updated 16th Jan 2024

British Airways Overnight Bag Drop

BA offer an overnight bag drop where guests can leave their bags the day before for flights departing before 10am. More info here.

BA have confirmed that it is possible for Skiworld guests flying on our charter flights to do this. Although you cannot check in the day before, if you visit a BA check in desk you can drop your checked luggage. You must state that you are traveling on a Skiworld charter flight and therefore cannot provide boarding passes.

Airport Information

Find travel information directly from the airports where Skiworld operate deparutres out of, and arrivals into:

Skiworld Flight Information

Note: As we mostly use chartered flights, "Skiworld" often does not appear on airport website arrival/departure pages, flight tracker websites or on airport departure boards. Please consult your Skiworld travel itinerary documents where your specific airline name and flight number is clearly displayed, which you can then use to check the status of your flight(s)

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