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Dietary Requests

Please note that this information is for Skiworld chalets. If you are staying in a hotel or apartment and require information about your property's catering, please call us for information.

Skiworld Menus

We take great care in planning and creating our wonderful set menus for all of our chalets. Chalet catering is based on a hearty set menu which minimises waste and allows us to use locally sourced, high quality ingredients. Any specific dietary requests must be discussed prior to booking so checks can be made that we can cater for your needs. Find out more on our chalet menus page

What About Dietary Requests?

Skiworld prides itself on being able to offer affordable quality ski chalet holidays with delicious food and superb service. Our set menus are integral to this. Our chalet menus are set as this enables us to maximise our buying power and to ensure a consistently high standard of delicious cuisine.

Sample Special Dietary Menus

If you would like to get an idea of the dishes that are served in our chalets when you pre-book a special dietary menu, you can download PDFs for the variety of special diets below.

Sample Vegetarian Chalet Set Menu

Sample Vegan Chalet Set Menu

Sample Dairy-Free Chalet Set Menu

Sample Gluten-Free Chalet Set Menu

We have found recently that requests for dishes/food outside of our set menus have increased and become more complicated. Frequently they involve ingredients that are not readily available in ski resorts, (or are expensive if they are), or that need to be prepared in addition to the normal set menus delivered by our hosts. Often we have not been notified in advance of someone requiring vegetarian food for example.

We are of course happy to discuss any requests with you as long as you do this before you book. We may check that we can prepare and source different ingredients from those we have in stock or buy normally for our set menus. Please make sure that your request (as per the table below) is on your invoice.

We are delighted to cater for the dietary requirements in the table below. However, we cannot cater for combinations of these, for example someone who eats no fish and who also does not eat diary. If you think this applies to you, please contact us BEFORE you book so that we can discuss your requirements first. It may be the case that a self-catering option is better suited to you as opposed to a catered chalet with set menus.

Food Allergies:

We cannot guarantee the complete avoidance of specific foodstuffs and therefore cannot accept any liability in the event of an allergic reaction. When you travel with us you accept that our chalet teams, whilst trained are not always qualified professionals and despite their best efforts we cannot guarantee zero contact with specified foodstuffs, that cross contamination cannot be ruled out, that we have no control over items of food brought in by other guests and that we cannot always be aware of precise food contents of ingredients.

Please be aware that we cannot cater for anyone with an airborne nut allergy or anyone who is allergic to even traces of nut – it is impossible for us to guarantee that any ingredients from our suppliers are free of any nut traces at all or that they have been handled in a nut-free environment.

Nor are we able to cater for a low FODMAP diet for example.

As you can see there is a charge for some dietary requests. Whilst there is not a charge for every type of dietary requirement, if any request is not pre-booked you will be charged in resort. 

Having costs for dietary requests means we are better prepared. This ensures we can continue to offer ski holidays at such incredible prices whilst still producing mouth-watering, locally inspired menus that are sure to impress!

However please note, not all dietary requests can be met, so it is important you discuss any requests with us before you book as a chalet holiday may not be right for you. 

Dietary Request Charges
Pre Booked In resort
Vegetarian None 40 Euros in Resort
Vegan £29 per person per week 75 Euros in Resort
No fish / seafood None 40 Euros in Resort
No pork None 40 Euros in Resort
Fish eating vegetarian None 40 Euros in Resort
Gluten free diet £29 per person per week 75 Euros in Resort
Dairy free diet £29 per person per week 75 Euros in Resort
Gluten & Dairy free diet £29 per person per week 75 Euros in Resort
High Tea for Children None 40 Euros in Resort

Any payments in resort must be in Euros. For full details of our chalet inclusions please see our chalet menus page. 

To discuss a dietary request please contact our Ski Specialists on 0330 102 8004