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Book with friends - Make it social

Using our new "Book with friends" option you'll find getting your group of friends together for your ski holiday so much more enjoyable, allowing you to spend more time getting excited about your ski trip, as opposed to worrying if everyone has paid, and if they have all the details. You can now use this booking option for all our ski apartments, as well as our self-catered chalets. You'll find a "Book with friends" button on all these property pages.


Benefits of using our "Book with friends" option

  • Quickly see the prices for different sized apartments for your group, or choose a self-catered chalet
  • Easily invite your friends by email or text message (SMS) 
  • If you want you can add more members to your group to make your holiday even more epic
  • You as the group leader can see who's in and who's out
  • Enjoy less hassle of chasing payments as everyone in your group can pay separately
  • Experience a friendly and enjoyable booking journey that's fast and mobile optimised
  • Your friends can see a nice clear overview of your accommodation in the invite

How it works


Step 1
Find your perfect ski apartment or self-catered chalet through
Step 2
Scroll down to the price grid and click on the "Book with friends" option.

Step 3
Create a ski holiday group, and from here you can invite your friends by email or text message (SMS) directly. 


You then pay your deposit pre-authorisation, which will then trigger the invites to your friends.


They can then say yes they're in, or no they're not and you as the group leader can see exactly how the group is coming together.

You and your friends have then got a couple of days to pull your awesome ski trip together.

Step 4

If your friends are in, they then supply their credit card details. The money is  only pre-authorised and won't be taken until the entire group says they're in!


If you are booking for a holiday more than 10 weeks in advance then you will only have to pay the £150 deposit - The final balance will then be due within 10 weeks of your departure date.

Step 5
When your group has all accepted and paid their deposits you're then ready to go!


The payments will be processed and then the team at Skiworld will check the apartment is still available and will confirm your ski holiday booking as soon as possible.

Step 6
Finally each member of the group can set up a direct debit to pay their individual balance


Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if one of my friends doesn’t pay the initial payment?
A. Only pre-authorisations are taken while the group is formed. No money will be taken from your bank account. If someone can’t make it you can invite someone else, or if you still can’t get your group together you can split the cost of the apartment between a smaller group or cancel your holiday. Once the entire group is confirmed by the group leader the payment will then be taken.
Q. Can I use Book with Friends to add on lift passes and ski hire?
A. To add extras you should call our sales team on 0330 102 8004. 
Q. Do the normal T&Cs apply when booking through Make It Social?
A. Yes our normal terms and condition apply.