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What is a ski season?

Whichever role you decide to apply for, ski season work will be hard and there will be long days. But these days are quickly forgotten once you feel the snow under your feet and you’re enjoying breathtaking views with skis or a board strapped to your feet!

Why should you do a ski season?

  • Gain a huge array of transferable skills
  • Bolster your CV for future careers in any industry
  • As a chalet host you are effectively running your own small business so learning about effective budgetting
  • Intensive customer experiences give you the confidence to communicate with different types of people
  • Learn how to think on your feet and solve a variety of problems efficiently
  • Your time-management will be improved beyond comprehension
  • Learn how to work in a well-oiled team and appreciate the importance of everyone's roles 
  • A great way to meet amazing people of all ages and from all walks of life
  • Satisfy your sense of adventure by living overseas in the mountains
  • Improve your skiing or snowboarding skills more than you thought possible!


What Makes A Perfect Seasonnaire?
Here's our recipe for what we think makes a top seasonaire. If you have these ingredients you should get in touch with us now!
Step 1 - Fold a generous spoonful of ambition into a committed work ethic.
Step 2 - Mix well with dedication, patience and add in a dollop of initiative.
Step 3 - Crank up the energy oven all the way to 11
Step 4 - Turn out onto a pair of skis or a snowboard with a top-coat of team spirit and allow to breathe for a while.
Step 5 - Make a topping with your choice of humour, smiles or laughter plus plenty of fun
Step 6 - Bake from November to April, checking once a month and adding some motivation and confidence if needed
Step 7 - Your seasonaire is done when golden-brown around the goggles and with snow down the pants.
Step 8 - Serve with lifelong friendships and ENJOY

Where to do a ski season

Skiworld have chalets in a variety of resorts across France, Switzerland and Austria and each have something unique to offer. Can't decide where the ideal place for you to embark on your winter season is?  Panic not!  Take a look at what some of our past staff have to say about each of our ski resorts.

A Day In The Life of a Seasonnaire

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