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What to Pack for a Ski Season? 

You’ve got your job. You know which resort you’re heading to. You can almost taste the mountains… You've just got the small task of packing your bags for a 6 month ski season!

Quality Over Quantity

When you have a down day in the mountains (admittedly very rare), favourite pjs or your hard drive with 5 seasons of an epic show and a load of movies could make all the difference. You will have luggage restrictions so remember it’s all about quality over quantity and packing skilfully... 

The Essentials:


• EHIC card
• Passport (valid for  6 months after your return back to the UK)
• 4 (at least) Passport photos
• Driving licence (if you have one)
• 2 pairs of smart black trousers and black work shoes
• Good outdoor shoes or boots - ideally waterproof and without heels
• Calculator (if you'll be doing accounts)
• Alarm clock
• Indoor shoes for the chalets


Snowboard / Ski equipment (Skiworld provide rental equipment for the season)
Ski jacket / Soft shell jacket (for the warmer months) 
Ski pants
Helmet (requirement for insurance!)
Ski gloves and general gloves
• Wooly hat 
Goggles & sunglasses (polarized lenses are best)
Buff / Snood (a nose-saver on those icy days and early mornings)
Thermal underwear
• Avalanche safety equipment (to comply with insurance if skiing off piste)
• Backpack


Money or funds to last you until the first ‘full’ pay day on January 17th 2020
• Going out attire (but leave the stilettos at home) 
Day-to-day attire for days off
• Flip flops (Yes! spring in the mountains gets warm) 
Snowboots / Walking boots - it’s all about the grip when you’re living in a ski resort! 
Any work uniform you are required to bring
Towels x2
High SPF sun cream 
Toiletries - some things are expensive in resort e.g. contact lens solution
• Multi-vitamins
Chargers & adapter plugs

You may not have thought of: 

Multi-plug extension lead
Mini sewing kit / Wonder tape
• Revolut or Monzo card to improve your currency exchange rate for card payments
Rucksack (to pack your mountain lunch and other essentials- save €€€) 
Laptop and external hard drive – fill it with every film and TV series you can, and not only will you be kept entertained - you’ll be the most popular person in resort.

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Teabags / Dairy Milk / Marmite (if you love it)
Berroca / Lemsip / Ibuprofen / Paracetamol
Fancy Dress (you may be able to acquire this out there but it’s worth packing something)
Comfy clothes for white-out days infront of Netflix
Workman's hand cream
Re-usable hand warmers
Hip Flask
Playing cards
• Sewing kit
• Swimming gear
• Hair clippers

The Art of Packing 

- Try rolling things into cylinders rather than folding them flat (sounds strange but works!)
- Pack things into other items - e.g. fill your ski helmet with socks
- If you are taking a board or skis, pack as much extra as you can fit into that bag too. 
- Pack individual items into sandwich bags, squash the air out of them – repeat! 
- Wear your ski jacket on the coach / plane (It can double as a blanket or pillow!)

Ski Helmets

We strongly advise all staff to wear a ski helmet whilst out skiing or boarding for safety reasons. You can rent them in resort but buying your own is a good idea. Please note: Our insurance will not pay out on a claim if a skiing/boarding accident occurs and a helmet has not been worn at the time of the accident.

Have an amazing season – work hard, play hard, oh and don’t forget to call your folks occasionally. See you in the mountains! 

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