Christmas Ski Holidays with Children

Family skiing at Christmas

See what the real experts think… the kids!

We know the reasons why we love to spend Christmas in the mountains, but we decided to get the perspective from our younger customers. It is hardly surprising that their reasons for a love of skiing at Christmas didn’t differ much to ours…

Sarina – aged 12 years 0 months from Hertfordshire

“Every Christmas I wish for it to snow and the best thing to do with snow is to ski! I love the Christmassy feel in ski resorts with the twinkling lights and decorations. Staying in a chalet at Christmas is great because I can be with all my family and my Mum can relax and not have to cook!”

Tane – aged 12 years 2 months from London

“You go skiing at Christmas because it is a great time for your family to get together and have lots of fun! Also Santa Claus will visit you and come and give you presents. It is great if you like fireworks because there are always fireworks for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!”

Joe – aged 7 years 10 months from London

“It was great – no school! I actually like ski school though, we would go all the way to the top of the mountain, but my sister had to stay at the bottom! – na-na, na, na-na naaaaa.”

Clara – aged 5 years 2 months from London

“I loved going on holiday in the wintertime. Father Christmas came to the chalet and he gave me a lovely little present. I also went ice skating on a real ice rink!”

Lucy – aged 4 years 8 months from Bedfordshire

“I loved all the lights and getting to see the mountain at night time. It is also really fun being in the snow over Christmas. I remember the horse-drawn sleigh up the mountain at night time and there was a disco every day!”

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