5 Tricks You Should Try On Your Next Ski Holiday

So, you’ve completed the piste map and carved up all the powder the mountain has to offer. What’s next? Back to the chalet for some afternoon tea and an early night 다운로드? I don’t think so. The next step is to test your nerve in the nearest snow park practicing ski tricks and really earn that Vin Chaud.

Here’s a few freestyle tricks and tips to get you started on your road to the next Winter Olympics, or to just impress the locals and win a few free beers 다운로드.



A great way to add some flair to your favorite jumps, big or small. Once you’re airborne just give your hips a bit of a twist to the left or right, start small and try to keep your upper body facing forward 블레이드 앤 소울 bgm.


Shifty Ski Jump


Once you’ve got the feel for it, really crank up that twist and add a shout to ensure you get maximum attention 다운로드.


50-50 Grind

Get yourself over to a box (the long, flat things that look a bit like a table). Point your skis or board straight and slide on over 여자친구 뮤직비디오 다운로드. Speed is key here; you don’t want to end up stopping half way along and then have to clamber off the side.

Remember, keep your skis or board flat and keep your weight central, this will keep you from falling back and getting a sore bum vmware workstation 10 32bit. Maybe best to pack the padded shorts just in case.




Another one for the air 다운로드. Head to a jump you’re feeling comfortable on and have a few practice runs. Then pick a part of the skis or board to hold on to and go for it whilst you’re flying through the air 다운로드.


Grab Jump Tricks


Top tip here is to bring the board or skis to your hand, not the other way around 학원앨리스 다운로드. This will help you keep balance in the air and make it easier to land.

There are so many variations here so keep trying out different grabs and see what works the best 다운로드.

The Butter

Here’s one you can try anywhere on the mountain. The idea is to look as steezy (effortlessly stylish or elegant) as possible. A bit easier on a board but don’t be scared to give it a go on skis. Basically, just lean back on the tail and lift the nose off the snow.


The Butter Tricks


You can hold this position for as long as you want. So, start on the piste just above the apres bar, then keep going as you whiz past and assume everyone inside is watching.

Once you’ve mastered this, you can add a turn by shifting your shoulders to face down the mountain. The board will always follow the direction of your upper body.


Always a crowd pleaser and another that can be done on the piste, in the park or pretty much anywhere else.

Start by perfecting your Ollie (basically just getting a bit of air between yourself and the snow). Also work on your switch skiing/ riding to guarantee a smooth landing.


180 Tricks


The overall aim here is to jump and end up pointing the other way. Best to start this by traversing across a shallow piste, rather than directly down the steepest black in resort.

Just pop off the back of your board or skis, then turn to look over your shoulder, the rest of your body should follow.

One important note here, you’ll end up going backwards, so be sure to check there are no ski schools below you. Otherwise little Timmy might not make it back for his first tartiflette.

Skiworld always recommends learning ski tricks with a qualified instructor. If you want to book a park lesson for your ski holiday, give our Ski Specialists a call on 0330 102 8004.


Tom Griffiths

Ski Specialist

0208 600 1678

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