Why Choose a Short Ski Break in 2022?

Skiing is for everyone, whether you’re looking for short ski breaks, an ultra-marathon style fitness test or a week spent reclined in a deck chair. The mountains have you covered.

Should you choose a short ski holiday or a longer break in 2022? Perhaps a trickier decision than normal after the strange year we have all had – there’s so much to tick off our bucket lists and only a certain amount of time to do it 다운로드. But to help you decide We have put together a quick reminder of just WHO the short ski break is for, and WHY it should be in your calendar for the coming season.

Anyone looking for a lift pass and ski hire for £39?

If you want to avoid spending the week hiking up the mountains, then a lift pass will come in handy 레버리지 사기조작단 10화. We’ve also heard skiing is more enjoyable with a pair of skis. But this is all quite expensive right? Wrong!

Lift Pass & Ski Hire for £39

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Chalet Chamois Volant, Les Deux Alpes

Try something completely new

During these recent tough and often boring times, how often have you found yourself adding to that mental to-do list? Perhaps getting more and more creative as the month’s pass. If one of the additions was to ‘try new things’, ‘be more active’ or ‘learn a new skill’, then skiing ticks all those boxes and more 다운로드. A short break ski holiday is the perfect taster of what could become a staple annual holiday in your calendar.

The first couple of days may be spent perfecting the snowplough turn, but once you have this under your belt you’ll be free to explore the mountains in a way you could previously only dream of 윈터 플레이 다운로드. After all, there must be a reason so many people come back to the slopes year after year.


Freshly groomed pistes in Tignes ski resort, France

The perfect way to get back in the game

A whole week can seem daunting if it’s been a while since you’ve graced the pistes. Four ski days is ideal for finding your feet again. You’ll get the ski legs back in no time and those long-forgotten carving muscles will get an easier reintroduction 다운로드.

Short ski breaks may be kinder on any aching body parts, but more importantly, they still leave plenty of time to explore your ski area of choice. After your time back on the slopes, you can bet you’ll be hungry for more and feel ready to return to your old skiing schedule.


Picturesque mountain view from Chalet Escamillo’s balcony in Tignes

Change up the norm

Perhaps you’re one of those mountain-goers who know exactly what you like 다운로드. It’s back to the same spot, in the same resort every year, with the same restaurant booking in the diary for decades to come. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but maybe it’s time to explore further afield? The short ski break gives you just the excuse to do this. If it turns out that it’s not for you then there’ll still be time to get back to the old faithful later on in the season 영화 이웃사람 다운로드.

Also, are you a skier who always wanted to try boarding? Or maybe you’ve always fancied a quick blast on the cross country trails? What better time to give it a go than a short ski break. If you’re terrible then at least it isn’t a whole week to endure!

Carving the slopes of St Anton, Austria 다운로드. Image credit: Josef Mallaun

Anyone looking for a cheaper holiday?

Perhaps the most obvious bonus of a shorter ski holiday- it costs less than a longer one – allowing you to splash out more whilst you’re there. Or better yet get yourself booked onto more than one.

With chalets, apartments and hotels all offering the shorter week, it doesn’t matter what your normal accommodation of choice is, you can be sure it’ll be cheaper.


Chalet Hera, Tignes

Everyone else!

If you’ve been reading this and questioning if you fit into any of these categories, this should settle any doubts. Anyone and everyone should be looking into short ski breaks. As we said at the start, skiing is for everyone, and any skiing is better than no skiing.

So, if for whatever reason you find yourself not being able to commit to a whole week in the powder this season, don’t let that stop you. We all need a bit of help getting back into the swing of things and a short ski break could be the nudge in the right direction.


 Tom Griffiths

  Ski Specialist

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