Things to Do for Non Skiers


Unique in France and one of only 7 tracks of its kind in Europe, the bobsleigh/luge track in La Plagne is available for members of the public to use during the winter at the end of each afternoon. Built for the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympic Games, the course allows you to achieve speeds of up to 120 km per hour if you sign up for a Bob Racing package which sees you accompanied by a pro driver (€122). Alternatively try a Bob Raft, self-steering and breaking but at lower speeds (still around 80 km per hour), great fun for 4 people (€45). Speed Luge is also available, one person half-sitting half-lying feet first 다운로드. A great way to get some downhill thrills in the mountains if skiing isn’t your thing (€109).

Spa Days

The main purpose of any holiday to the mountains should always be just that, to have a holiday. Relaxation is a key part of that, and what better way to relax than to be pampered and massaged with the best shiatsu massager in the region. Many resorts have top hotels with spa facilities which are often accessible for a reasonable daily fee to non-residents. As well as the usual saunas, steam rooms and outdoor pools, why not try some more left-field treatments which are gaining popularity in many resorts such as infra-red rooms, hot stone massages, body wraps and colour therapy ibm amos. Where: Hotel Zermatterhof, Zermatt, Switzerland.


For some people the main event of any day on the slopes, it is more than possible to make it through a ski week merely by flittering between various après-ski hotspots; it may not actually be technically accurate to call them après-ski hotspots if you haven’t done any skiing, but to let you in on a secret, these places are just as fun if you have spent the day watching everyone else ski from the safety of a slope side deckchair. An itinerary for a day of “après-ski” may run thus: 08:30 breakfast in a chalet, back to bed until 10:00, followed by a long bath. 11:00 lift up to a café for mid-morning hot chocolate 공구마켓. Recline until 12:30, at which point the skiers in your party may be starting to think about a lunch break. Find a restaurant, bag table by 13:00, await skiers. After leisurely meal enjoy the sight of skiers faffing with helmets and goggles before they leave, remain sunbathing on restaurant terrace until afternoon après bars warm up at 15:00. Lift/stroll to après bar of choice, buy a round for skiing members of the group who arrive shortly after, cold beer awaiting them on the table, and you are everyone’s favourite a심포니 다운로드. Enjoy outdoor live music and dancing, nod along attentively to your friends’ daily ski anecdotes, back to the chalet in time for dinner, back to a bar, back to the chalet, sleep, repeat. You will never know how anyone finds time to fit in skiing around such a busy schedule.


Ever popular with non-skiers, this is the best way to get around on snow and see the mountains up close without the aid of skis or snowboard. The whole mountain is open to you; snowshoe users can catch the same lifts as everyone else, meaning access to the same amazing scenery. Some resorts have specially allocated walking trails, so you can even visit places which are off-limits to the skiing and snowboarding community 창세기전3 무설치 다운로드. Snowshoeing is a practice which has been around for thousands of years (you will probably see some of the vintage tennis racquet style snowshoes of yesteryear adorning the walls of a traditional restaurant in resort) but designs have developed to make them lighter, more manageable, and a super easy way to get the most out of your trip to the mountains. Where: Snowshoe rental with Skimium, Val d’Isere (mid-season): 1 day €8.20, 6 days €44.20.

Ice driving

If you aren’t looking to ski or snowboard, but still want to go in search of adrenaline on your holiday, you may like to consider one of the ice driving courses available in various resorts mscomctl.ocx. Val Thorens, for example, has the highest ice driving circuit in Europe at 2200 metres where you can either take lessons in ice driving techniques or just hurtle round a smaller ice carting track for fun. One school even gives the option to ride along with a professional at full speed and see how it is really done. Where: Val Thorens Ice Driving Academy, prices from €99 for 15 minutes, €180 for 30 minutes, and €300 for 60 minutes.

Dog Sledding

Experience the all-natural pulling power of a pack of huskies on your holiday this winter 트롤 영화 다운로드. For many, just being in the company beautiful and friendly animals would be entertainment enough, but factor in that you get to be outside enjoying breath-taking scenery and accessing secluded parts of the mountain landscape, and this really could be the activity of a lifetime. The speed is steady and can be just a little more than walking pace, so dog sledding is just as much for nature lovers as it is for those after the thrill of the ride, truly something for all the family. Where: La Rosiere, Evolution 2 offer multiple options perfect for children accompanied by an adult: 2 person 20 minute excursion €90, 3 person 20 minute excursion €120 Fix it download.


If you are looking for the thrill of skiing without any of the effort or strain on the legs, you may enjoy allowing an instructor to steer you down through the clouds, above the pistes and along valleys. It is a unique way to experience the mountains to be hovering high amongst the peaks and be able to see the already awe-inspiring landscape in an even more breath-taking way, without any obstructions and no windows or walls to separate you from the elements. Where: Alpe d’Huez, beginner’s tandem paraglide from €170.

Ice Skating

The vast majority of resorts will have an ice rink for people to use, skates can usually be rented there or at one of the many ski rental shops in town 다운로드. Many people may have been ice skating back at home, however indoor rinks are no substitute for being surrounded by serene mountain landscape, in the open air, with the potential for a few snowflakes to fall around you as well. Many rinks also host ice hockey matches in the evenings during the winter season, if you don’t fancy getting out on the ice yourself you can always take a flask of something warming, sit in the stands and enjoy the game. Where: Outdoor ice rink, Les Arcs 1800, open every day from December 14th to March 20th, skate hire: adults €7, children €6 다운로드.

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