Budget Beating Hacks for Your Next Ski Holiday

Chalet Holidays

We understand that with the cost of living increasing that every penny counts! That’s why we want to give you these helpful tips and tricks to make your money go further on your ski holiday and beat the budget!

1. Book Ski All-In

Booking ski all-in means you secure the price of your ski hire, lift pass, accommodation, transfers and flights with a regular deposit of £175pp. This therefore means you will know the full amount the holiday will cost you rather than trying to work it out when you get there- giving you a stress-free trip. This allows you to plan your budget for all the other exciting activities, with the peace of mind that essentials such as ski equipment rentals, lift passes, and accommodation, are all locked in.

2. Catered Chalets

People usually have the misconception that chalet holidays are more expensive, however, they can actually work out cheaper as breakfast, dinner and wine (during dinner) is included. So you don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant to accommodate your group (especially big groups) and also wine included at dinner (until coffee) can save you A LOT of money! Plus, there are no dishes and cooking to do as it is all done for you. Really elevating your holiday experience.

Skiworld Chalets

3. Fill Your Boots at Breakfast

There’s nothing worse than running out of energy in the middle of the day! Take full advantage of the breakfasts offered, especially in our catered ski chalets, as you can help yourself to cooked and continental options, not to mention there will always be enough to make a snack for your children to take with them. Speaking of snacks, make sure they have plenty of snacks… we like the mini Mars bars and individually wrapped sweets!

Skiworld Chalets

4. Pack Snacks

Snacks fit in any pocket- big or small. Whether it’s a spare croissant from breakfast, some sweets, a chocolate bar or even something from the shops in the centre, it will work out cheaper than buying lunch on the slopes! You can also bring a thermos flask and keep things like soup, pasta, tea/coffee/hot chocolate warm for the day and enjoy it whilst you ski.

5. Bring Everything You Need

Resort clothing shops can be very expensive, so don’t leave things to buy in-resort. Definitely buy everything beforehand and then rent things you can’t get.

Skiworld Chalets

6. Book a Last Minute Ski Deal

Often, the lowest prices can be found by booking late. This tactic might not suite everyone (e.g. large groups) as options can be limited, but if you’re able to make spontaneous decisions you could save more than 50% on holiday costs. The last minute ski deals on catered chalets are especially good value as not only do you get a big discount, but the price includes flights, transfers, accommodation and hosted catering featuring breakfasts, afternoon tea and evening meals with wine!

7. Consider Drinks and Lunch Packages in Chalets

At Skiworld we offer lunch and drink packages in chalets that can definitely help with budgeting for food and drink as it works out the cheapest price you will pay in-resort for the items, therefore saving you money!

8. Choose Dates Wisely

Avoid peak weeks if you are on a budget and shop off-peak. You can also receive discounts for booking early, which can help put money back in the pot to spend on your holiday.

9. Decide What You Want From Your Ski Holiday

When choosing resorts, you want to choose it based on a multitude of things such as slope variety, après opportunities, lift pass prices, ski terrain and many other factors. Make sure the resort you choose fits your wants and needs so that you can be wowed by the beauty of it whilst also challenging yourself and your group with the ski terrain!

10. Sign up to Ski Club GB for 5% off Your Holiday

Through purchasing this membership, you not only cover the cost of getting insurance for your holiday, but you also receive discounts, not only off your holiday, but off well-known ski brands like Planks and Salomon, which basically makes the membership pay for itself and more!

Skiworld Chalets


There are so many ways to make your money go as far as possible on a ski holiday without sacrificing any of the fun things you want to do with your available budget. So take on these tips and have the best holiday this winter!



Jessica May

Ski Specialist

0208 600 1678

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