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We are now recruiting for resort based roles for the 2015/16 season! Click here to view our positions. 

View our hints and tips on applying for a season role in our blog; 'How to get a job as a seasonaire'

Have you ever wanted to wake up in the morning knowing that when you look out the window you will see the mountains, the snow and the perfect line you want to ride later in the day? Do a ski season with Skiworld and the dream could soon become your daily routine.

At Skiworld we understand that skiing and boarding is more often than not, the driving force behind people doing a winter season. Our philosophy lies in work hard, play hard, ski even harder...


If you are willing to put the time in, work with enthusiasm and dedication, you will in return, get plenty of time on the mountain.  We have set menus for example that not only enforce a consistency throughout  our chalets, but also allow staff to become so good at what they do it cuts down the prep time, which means more ski time for you!

Through the friends you make, the challenges you overcome and the memories you create, a ski season is likely to be the best 6 months of your life!

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What we’re looking for...

We are looking for hardworking and adaptable people, with the relevant skills to match. If your skill base needs a little improving then take a look at our recommended cookery courses below.

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Cookery Courses

To increase your chances of employment, and to ensure your cooking skills are at their very best, we recommend a number of chalet cookery courses that will take your culinary skills to the next level.

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We have a whole range of resort based positions to choose from.

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