Ski holidays with hot tubs and saunas

Don’t let a ski holiday take it out of you

Skiing is energetic and exhilarating, which is why we all love it. But time spent careering down the hill also leads to aches and pains at the end of the day (if not before!). There is no better way to soothe those aches and pains and get yourself ready for another powder-hungry day than by staying in a ski chalet or ski apartment with wellness facilities. This could be a ski chalet with a hot tub, a ski apartment with a sauna, or if you’re feeling really energetic, a ski residence with a gym or fitness suite.

Do Book a ski Chalet with a hot tub!

Skiworld have plenty of options across Europe and North America and even Japan and South America for ski accommodation with wellness facilities, so you can relax and pamper yourself when you come off the slopes. And for non-skiers too, leisure facilities provide a little luxury entertainment while others are off skiing and swimming pools can be used to keep the children entertained away from the snow. Some residences even have spas where you can book massages and other treatments for the ultimate in ski luxury.

So make like the Finnish and make sure your ski accommodation has a sauna, hot tub or spa, or even all of the above!

Ski accommodation with wellness facilities

Wellness facilities

To help you choose your ski accommodation with the perfect wellness facilities for you, look for our wellness icon on property pages or check out our list below of ski chalets and ski apartments with pampering as standard.