The Shape of Skiworld’s New Chalet Menu

Sample food in our ski chalets (subject to change)

Here at Skiworld we’ve always felt that food is a massive part of a great chalet holiday so we’ve always strived to deliver the very best we could. The reasons for our success is threefold; our own intuition, drafting in expert help to polish our recipes and the feedback we receive from our guests on a weekly basis during the ski seasons.

But 2018/19 is a different season. We’ve switched to a five-day chalet menu (still six days in the ski lodges and at Feb half-term) and this change has inspired not just the annual evolution of our menus, but a revolution too. We have made improvements in all aspects of how our staff use the menu plans and recipes within, and how our guests receive the dishes made by our staff. It felt like a good time to shake things up for the better, so after several round-table discussions, we have!

Menu improvements for guests

With the help of guest feedback we’ve identified more clearly than ever before which dishes were loved (and loathed), what aspects our guests enjoyed most about our menus, and what other important factors we needed to consider to keep our guests happy and our food scores at an all-time high.

Some of the big changes are…

“I got no beef with you, pal”

Due to it being a favourite for many when dining out, we decided to remove beef from our chalet menus*. This has also allowed us to invest in better cuts of other meat to increase the quality of other dishes during the week, such as the deliciously tender lamb kleftiko.

Your preference is our pleasure

In order to both satisfy a wider variety of dietary needs and to make our kitchen processes more efficient we have looked to combine vegetarian, vegan and other dietary preferences into the same dishes. This move means that the chalet hosts can put their attention wholly into perfecting a considered selection of quality, delicious dishes.

Tasty and nutritionally balanced

A popular comment from our guests was about chalet food being a little rich and filling, especially for a full week’s dining. So we have looked to alternate lighter options such as lemon chicken with quinoa, with classic hearty dishes like tartiflette. Either way, the key to our menus is providing volume of calories needed to replenish the body after hard days on the mountain.

More sociable chalet dining

“Pass the salad, please Caz”. A friendlier and more convivial dining experience can be had by simply placing some of the side dishes such as salad bowls and vegetables on the table for people to pass around, so we have implemented this small change. It also allows people to control their own portions and limit servings of items they might not love as much as others, which ultimately helps to reduce kitchen waste too.

Breakfasts have been turned up to 11

We made a big switch away from the old standard of eggs plus a couple of other cooked breakfast items last year in some chalets and have rolled it out across the board this year. As well as looking much better on a plate, our themed breakfast dishes all have a great balance of flavours and nutritional content. We have also added in a second option for those who want it (such as smoothies or baked oats) and there’s a different one for each day, so the variety is excellent. We’re really proud of our new breakfasts!

Menu improvements for staff

The improvements for staff are in the shape of a newly designed menu plan which will help them organise more efficiently and utilise their food stocks in a much more responsible way. As a company, Skiworld want to maximise the use of ingredients and reduce waste across the board – a big problem faced by the hospitality industry – and this revised plan helps us achieve that goal. Our staff are our ultimate food critics. They prepare, cook and eat our chalet menus all winter so if something doesn’t work, we know about it. This new menu plan is the product of many years of staff (as well as guest) feedback and one which we’re that proud of we’re planning the reproduction into recipe book form…

Sample dishes in our menu

So now your appetite has been whetted with the minutiae of this revolution of the Skiworld menu, we’ll close this piece with a sample of dishes from a variety of days:


– A continental selection of fresh bread, patisseries, porridge, cereals, yoghurts and juices

– Option 1: Super Fuel Royale – Poached eggs on wilted spinach and cheesy potato pancakes, drizzled with hollandaise and served with roasted chilli tomatoes

– Option 2: Baked Oats – A warming portion of oatmeal made with eggs & yoghurt and sweetened with honey and berries.

Afternoon tea

– A classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting along with fresh bread & conserves
– Tea, coffee and cordials


– Black olive tapenade served with crostini toasts
– Pear and blue cheese wrapped in jambon cru

To Start
– Scotch eggs, (V) Falafel scotch eggs, both served with a trio of dipping sauces

For Main Course
– Braised Lamb Kleftiko served with roasted potatoes and a Greek salad
– (V) Vegetable Tarte Tatin served with potato Dauphinoise and French beans

To finish
– Chocolate orange “Jaffa Pots”
– Coffee


We hope you get the chance to sample our revamped chalet menus this ski season. Why not take a look at our latest ski deals and make a saving on your 2018/19 ski holiday?


* A beef dish may be added to the menu during the half term week when we will revert to a six-day menu

Please note: food may vary slightly from images.

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