Insights from a Snow-Camp Apprentice

Julie is a Snow-Camp Scotland Apprentice. We were lucky enough to have her answer a few questions and give an intriguing insight into what being an Apprentice for Snow-Camp really means and how the experience might shape her future…

Snow Camp Apprentice Julie at the DSUK Headquarters

1. In a nutshell, what has been your personal experience of being a Snow-Camp apprentice over the last couple of months?
“My experience of being an apprentice for Snow-Camp of the last couple months has been life-changing! Getting to do something I enjoy nearly every day of the week has been one of the best parts about it. My Programme Manager and fellow apprentices have helped make this new chapter of my life so much better and honestly couldn’t have asked for a different direction to go in straight after my final year of school. Helping Laura on programmes, seeing a different side to how they’re run and having an even bigger hand in changing someone else’s Snow-Camp journey for the better, and just getting out on my placement with DSUK, seeing a different angle of the snowsport industry is making it all the more fun for me!”

2. What’s been the single most satisfying and enjoyable part of your Snow-Camp experience so far?
“The single most enjoyable part of my apprenticeship journey so far definitely has to be my placement. Seeing how people with different disabilities can still get out on the slope and just seeing their faces and hearing their excitement even if it’s their first time or their tenth time.”

3. What are you most looking forward to next?
“I’m most looking forward to seeing everyone progress their skills further in the Graduate Programme and seeing the possible faces we might have on our Excel Programme later on in their journey. I’ve already loved getting everyone started out on First Tracks and I’m sure Graduate will be even more fun!”

4. How have your aspirations and ambitions for the future changed since being a Snow-Camp apprentice?
“Before being a Snow-Camp Apprentice, I didn’t reality know what I wanted to go on to do once school was over, in the last few weeks alone, I’ve been able to have so many different experiences which make look much more positively in the future, whether I complete my BASI Alpine Level 1 and then go on to something different, or I progress further and even do an Adaptive qualification with the experience I’ll be racking up this year.”

5. If you could start one new Snow-Camp initiative some time in the future, what would it be?
“I’d love to see more inner-city young people with disabilities getting involved and taking part on our programmes. I’ve been fortunate to work with Snow-Camp and DSUK, so to have some of our young people doing their adaptive training and teaching young people with disabilities to ski would be amazing. Fingers crossed!”


Snow-Camp apprentices gain valuable experience from working on all Snow-Camp programmes, alongside work placements across the snowsports industry and qualifications. Apprentices are also provided with opportunities to work at national and international snowsports events. It’s a year’s paid employment for several young people who have completed Snow-Camp’s Excel Programme. Read more here

With all the donations from our guests, we managed to raise a total of £15,000 for Snow-Camp in 2018/19 and this is funding two £2,500 bursaries for two young people and the other £10,000 raised is funding 100 young people on to Snow-Camp’s First Tracks programme.


How Can You Help Support Snow-Camp?

Skiworld will be hosting events and activities throughout the year to reach our own fundraising goal. But if you want to make an ad-hoc donation to support this amazing charity, click the donation button! Together we can help Snow-Camp to keep turning around the lives of disadvantaged inner-city young people.

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