Beginner’s Week- Les Deux Alpes

Beginner's Week Trip

If skiing has been on your bucket list for the longest time, we have the answer with our Beginner’s Week in Les Deux Alpes! Here you will learn to ski with other beginners and have the best week, making friends and learning the fun sport of skiing while also discovering what ski resorts have to offer.
We wanted to get personal answers from a beginner skier on their first ski trip from last year, so we decided to ask her a few questions about her ski trip and what she thought.

What made you want to try skiing?

Skiing was on my bucket list, a lot of friends had been and enjoyed it, and I really enjoy different sports, so it was something I had heard so much about and really wanted to see if I could do it, but now I’m so pleased I can say I tried it!

Can you describe what it was like being a first time skier- how was your holiday?

‘Being a first-time skier is quite exciting because you don’t have a clue what to expect and you go into it with an open mind. However, when you go on holiday with everybody else who has skied before, you do get a lot of advice going into the holiday, but I would say you really need to make your own mind up and have an open mind going into it as everyone is very different in their approach to sport. I had a great holiday because I had lots of help but equally stayed within my own comfort zone and not everyone else’s!’

Beginner's Week

Did you enjoy it as much as you thought you would?

Yes, I did enjoy it as much as I thought I would however, I think I was quite naive as I thought I would pick it up easily and be fit enough and didn’t quite realise the extent of Adrenalin I would get from it, which really does mean you walk away a different person, and today’s life just can’t compare to the thrill!

Beginner's Week

Would you go again?

Yes, I definitely would go again. The more you practice, the better you get, and then you get the bug to want to improve and keep up with everyone else!

Beginner's Week

Was there anything you did before you left that helped you when you got there?

Before I left, I went to the snow dome in Tamworth a couple of times which really helped me as I had never even tried a pair of ski boots on before. This meant I knew all the basics and obviously how to put my own boots and skis on confidently without having to ask for help.

Beginner's Week

Do you think ski lessons are essential?

I do think ski lessons are essential, not only because you improve so much quicker as they give you that confidence you need but they also show you all the suitable slopes and routes that you can do without you having to guess when you are unsure on your ability.

Would you change anything?

The only thing I would change is I would have booked a block of private lessons on the first day as they were much better value than here in England and great fun, you progress really quickly. But also they will actually offer you a better price if you book a block.

What are three essentials that a first time skier should take on holiday?

A local ski map, phone and some good quality warm gloves that you can clip to your coat!

Beginner's Week


If going skiing has been on your bucket list for the longest time, you definitely should consider our Beginner’s Week Trip that lets you learn skiing with other people who also want to. Take all of these useful tips such as practicing before leaving, bringing gloves that you can attach to your coat and also just enjoy yourself!


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Ski Specialist

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