Potentially the Best Early Season for Several Years?

Skiworld Snow Report

The news all skiers and boarders want to hear – it is early December and there are already great ski conditions in the Alps.

The snow has been falling in Europe’s ski resorts already, and there are some amazing scenes coming in from resort webcams. Take a look at some of these top resorts’ live scenes of the fantastic early season snowfall so far:

Val Thorens, France

Tignes, France

La Plagne, France

St Anton, Austria


You can also check out our Snow Report page to see how current conditions are weighing up across all our resorts.


Even Better – there is more on the way! Big snowfalls predicted this weekend for many resorts, including around 2 meters over the next 9 days in places… Check out the temperatures and snowfall estimates for Tignes:

More good news – you don’t need to wait any longer to take advantage – we have holidays available departing this Saturday 9th December onwards, at great discounted Last Minute prices from just £327pp.

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American Chalet Holidays: Everything You Dreamed

Chalet Gleneagles, Vail

How would you like to enjoy all the comforts of a European chalet holiday, in the luxury of an American home, with the added bonus of Colorado terrain and snowfall outside the back door? Skiworld are the only UK tour operator currently offering catered chalets in the US – here’s why we are such big believers, and why you should be too:


1. More Powder to the Pound

Up-front costs may be more with an American ski holiday (not always), but once in resort, you can get more for your money than you would in Europe, both in terms of the amount of snow (which has been great this year already) and the amount you get for your money with the pound’s more favourable exchange rate to the dollar than the euro.


2. Delicious Homely Chalet Catering

Having all your food pre-paid and home cooked means you can avoid constantly eating out in American restaurants, which we know can be a full on experience for the wallet (and the waistline)! But don’t worry, lunchtimes are still there for you to try out the resort’s finest eateries… the best of both!


3. Local Knowledge

Your very own chalet host is there with you, not only to pamper, provide for and clean up after you, but also to give inside tips on all the ski area secrets and aprés advice you may otherwise miss.


4. Longer Stays

All of our European chalet holidays last 7 nights, but with US chalet stays you have the option to extend your stay from 7 to 10, 11 or 14 nights. And more skiing can only be a good thing.


5. Quieter Slopes

You may have accepted long lift queues and busy pistes as part and parcel of chalet holidays. These may be common currency in Europe, however they are much rarer phenomena in the US, leaving you at one with the Great American Outdoors.


6. Keep Skiing at the Heart of Your Holiday

Having your catering taken care of means you can focus on what really matters – enjoying the great Colorado outdoors, and spending a truly amazing holiday with those who matter most.


See our amazing deals on chalets in Vail and Breckenridge – we still have availability for December and January, with reductions of up to £528pp OFF!

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Win €500 in ski rental

In partnership with Skiset, we are offering you the chance to win ski rental for up to four people this season worth a mighty €500!


  • To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details and like our Facebook page to be in with a chance to win.
  • The closing date for entries is the 29th of November 2017. The winners will receive 500€ ski rental at Skiset in La Plagne, Alpe D’Huez, Val Thorens and Courchevel resorts only.

Terms and Conditions apply

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White Week Sale: What You Need To Know

White Week Sale

You may have seen Black Friday ski holiday deals before, but this is something WAY BIGGER. Welcome to the Skiworld White Week Salewith 50% OFF selected holidays for a whole week!


Everything You Need To Know

When is the sale running?

Sale Start Date: Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Running through Black Friday, 24th November 2017

Sale End Date: Wednesday 29th November 2017


What can you buy on the White Week Sale?

Half-Price 7 night catered chalet holidays, which include return flights and transfers, departing on:

Saturday 6th January 2018


Saturday 13th January 2018



What makes the White Week Sale so great?

The Best Deals of the Season

These are the best value deals you will find any time of year – better than early booking offers, better than last minute deals. The time to book is right now! These are the best value ski holidays available, at 50% off.


Lock in the Best Exchange Rates

With the recent weakening of the Pound’s exchange rate to the Euro, booking an all-inclusive package has never been better value. Paying for all your own flights, accommodation, and food and drink in resort is more expensive than ever. Why not pre-book all of this in a Skiworld package, and save money as well as time. Book your lift pass and ski hire up front as well, and avoid them becoming more expensive later!



Someone else will book these 50% off deals if you don’t – they are available for a limited time only… Flash Sale holidays sell out very quickly, so get in there while stocks last!


See our dedicated White Week Sale page to view a complete list of all chalets on the sale and the most up to date prices.

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Hurricanes = Loads of Snow in 2018?

Will this year’s hurricane season mean a snowy winter?

Historical data supports a theory that an active hurricane season precedes a colder following winter. That could be encouraging news for winter sports enthusiasts in 2018 following the storms we experienced in 2017. However, it is just a theory and the volume of data doesn’t allow any conclusive predictions. Your best bet is to combine these two techniques in order to give us all the best chance of an Alpine powder-fest in 2018…

a) Educate yourself and spread the word to feed the collective consciousness. “If we think it, it will be.” – A Wise Guy, once.
b) Snow dance to Ullr like Fred Astaire after half a dozen Jagerbombs.

6 Reasons why more hurricanes could mean more snow

1. Hurricanes upwell colder ocean water towards the surface, nullifying some of the effect of the Gulf Stream which brings the usual temperate (warm and wet) weather patterns towards Northern Europe.
2. Increased storm frequency in the mid-Atlantic brings more cold water towards the East which compounds the effects of the cooler water.
3. The effect of prevalent hurricane activity in the Autumn accelerates the onset of winter and allows the cold to take effect sooner.
4. Cold fronts in northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Siberian Arctic are able to penetrate further south earlier in the winter season and more frequently due to hurricane activity shifting the gulf stream south.
5. Hurricanes transport masses of warm air into the higher Atlantic latitudes causing blocks in the ‘normal’ gulf stream weather pattern which keeps Europe mild for longer in the early part of Winter.
6. Magic and stuff.

Even with all the science, this does not necessarily mean more snow. Siberian air from the North (you know those horrible biting cold winds that freeze your nostril hairs?) is much drier due to traveling over predominantly land rather than ocean as the Gulf Stream does. And the clouds travelling south lose most of their moisture before reaching the Alps due to relief precipitation (dust off your old Geography textbooks…).

As we know, one of the main factors of a bit of a pants Alps winter in 16/17 was the fact that it rained a lot. The base snow that had built up early in the season thawed more frequently and conditions suffered as a result. Apart from in the high Alpine where it always snows, most resorts had to work pretty hard with their snow cannons and stiff upper lips in order to promote conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

So what we need is the perfect storm of this ‘hurricane effect’ cold winter, coupled with regular high pressure weather patterns whipping in from the Atlantic which bring the precipitation. It’s not too much to ask is it? Just to be on the safe side, please see a) and b) above.

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Skiworld Scoop: 8 Reasons To Book A Hotel Or Apartment Holiday

Skiworld currently have some great deals going on hotel and self-catered apartment holidays, with up to £100 OFF PER PERSON on selected January dates.

Regular chalet bookers may be wondering ‘why wouldn’t you go for a catered holiday?’ Well, apart from making a great saving with these deals, there are many benefits to hotel and apartment holidays which you may not have considered before now. Read on to find out more…


  1. Great locations – many hotels and apartment buildings are at the heart of the action in ski-in/ski-out locaiton, rather than being tucked away up a steep hill as can be the case with chalets.
  2. Wellness facilities – can be harder to come by in chalets, but features such as Jacuzzis, saunas, spas and swimming pools add an extra touch of relaxation to apartment and hotel holidays
  3. Flexibility – want to choose when (and indeed where) you eat? Avoid the set meal times of a catered holiday, and take the chance to sample the local restaurant fare. Your holiday – your rules.
  4. All the amenities – those who have stayed in self-catered apartments of the past may be surprised by the number of mod-cons which have crept in in recent years, with flat-screen TVs, WiFi, coffee machines and more now the norm, rather than exceptions. Factor in a full kitchen with dishwasher, oven and microwave, and you have all the conveniences of most homes, in a condensed package.
  5. Your own private space – as much as we love the communal feel of shared chalet holidays, if you have a smaller group than can fill a chalet, the private space of your own room, suite or apartment can be a blessing at the end of a long day.
  6. All shapes and sizes – you don’t have to be travelling in a 2 or 4 to take advantage. Go big or small depending on your party, there are hotel rooms for 2, apartments big enough for 10, and everything in between.
  7. Games rooms and child care facilities – some accommodations come with extra provision for the little ones, which can help take some pressure off parents, leaving a bit more free time than normal… well what are holidays for?
  8. Make a great saving – the really good news is, as well as all the above you get to enjoy a discount of up to £100 per person, on us. See our hotel and apartment deals here.
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You’re Under Our Wing

Monarch Airlines

We are proud to say that your holiday with Skiworld is ABTA and ATOL protected. However, many holidaymakers may not know exactly what this means, or just why it is so important.


Monday 2nd October’s high profile failure of Monarch has caused many holiday makers to look again at the issue of financial protection for package holidays.

The figures are big: Monarch is the UK’s fifth biggest airline and the country’s largest ever to collapse. It employed around 2,100 people and there are an estimated 110,000 holiday makers currently overseas.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has called the situation ‘unprecedented’ and the regulator is effectively having to create one of the UK’s largest airlines from scratch in order to repatriate all those affected. It is an enormous undertaking, the largest repatriation in peacetime according to Chris Grayling the transport secretary. Those on a package holiday with Monarch however will not be paying anything extra for their flights home. This is covered by the ATOL scheme.

Monarch also has 750,000 future bookings for a combination of flights and package holidays which have also been cancelled amounting to a large amount of disappointment and upset, not to mention the possible financial losses for those not covered by the ATOL scheme.

In many respects the UK package travel industry is unique in that bonded travel companies offer protection for package holidays in the event of a company failing.

It simply falls to us, the travelling public, to make a few small checks to ensure the company we are travelling with is indeed protected.


Do you know what to look out for, so you never get caught out?



ATOL stands for Air Travel Organisers License which is a UK government scheme run by the CAA. It covers flight-based package holidays and protects around 20 million holidaymakers a year.

If companies with an ATOL go under and you have booked a package holiday with them, you are protected. This means that if you are on holiday when this happens ATOL makes sure you finish your break and get home as planned. If you have not travelled, ATOL will make sure you get a full refund and in some cases you may be able to continue with the holiday you had booked.

Companies that are ATOL protected will issue you with an ATOL certificate immediately after you have paid which you need to keep safe, just in case. This is the proof that the holiday or flight that you have booked is protected. If you buy a land or sea based package (travelling via rail or when hiring a car) ATOL will not cover you financially so you need to check that the travel company you purchase through is a member of ABTA.




ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents, is the UK’s largest travel association and members consist of both tour operators and travel agents. Members abide by a code of conduct which helps ensure high standards and also provides recourse should your holiday arrangements go wrong.

Importantly, if an ABTA company fails you are entitled to a refund if you are yet to travel and hotel and transport costs if you are abroad when it happens.

So bear in mind, you may find package holiday prices cheaper with a non-bonded company, but there is a good reason for that; your money may be at risk. And when you book fights on their own – check what protection you do have.


When travelling with Skiworld you have the peace of mind of knowing your money and your package holiday are protected. If you are on holiday and anything happens, we guarantee you will be able to finish your holiday and come home.

The only risk you take is that you may not actually want to come back…

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INSIDER’S GUIDE: Why We’re Crazy for Banff

A ski holiday to Banff is hard to beat. With its vast ski area, record-breaking snowfall and UNESCO status, set in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, Banff is the stuff of legends.  With ski trips to Banff starting from under £1000 this season with Skiworld, there’s never been a better excuse to try out the slopes across the pond. In case you need a little more persuading, here are our top reasons to head to Banff this winter.


3 Ski Areas, 1 Pass

The Romans once said, ‘everything that comes in threes is perfect’ (omne trium perfectum). Well, whether or not they’d heard of Banff, the rule certainly applies. Banff offers up three spectacular mountains; Mt. Norquay, Banff Sunshine and Lake Louise. And the best part?

Your lift pass grants you access to all three ski areas, with a free shuttle bus to run you between them.

That’s an incredible 7748 acres of varied ski terrain to explore and 274 runs.

In fact, with so much on offer between the three mountains, there’s plenty to keep everyone and their uncle busy. Whether you’re happy on the friendly groomers or prefer a steep chute, you’ll be skiing new runs every day. Advanced skiers should check out the world-famous freeride zone, ‘Delirium Dive’, in Banff Sunshine and the Back Bowls of Lake Louise for some serious powder.


Ski in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Banff & Lake Louise were awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 1984, on the basis of their exceptional natural beauty, rare species and impressive natural landforms. At the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the park boasts a cornucopia of picture-perfect mountains, that range from 45 million to a staggering 120 million years old. This really is an area to behold. A day at the resort can easily feel like a day in the backcountry, as you float through untouched powder, set against sweeping vistas. The park is home to 53 species of animal, so keep your eyes peeled on the chairlift, you never know what you might spot! Perhaps an elk, or even a crazy moose…


Après Adventures

Calling all adrenaline seekers! Banff has a plethora of activities to keep you busy off the slopes, so whether you’re a non-skier in search of your own adventure or you’re looking for something a bit different at après, check out what this beautiful national park has to offer.

  • Lace up with some ice skates and practice your pirouettes on one of Banff’s majestic frozen lakes.
  • Strap on some snowshoes and explore the national park on foot.
  • Climb into a sleigh and glide through the landscapes after a team of dogs.
  • Check out the world-class, cross-country skiing on track-set ski trails set amongst mountain lakes and lofty peaks.
  • For some extreme thrills, try out ice-climbing in the Canadian Rockies; there’s nothing quite like the unique experience of climbing a frozen waterfall.
  • Shred the mountain under floodlights with night skiing at Mt. Norquay.
  • One for the kids…grab a donut and go tubing down the slopes on a glorified toboggan.
  • If you’d prefer to relax Banff style, visit the hot springs and soak in the rejuvenating sulphur pools.
  • Hopefully you’ve worked up an appetite by now? With over 130 bars and restaurants to choose between, Banff is a lively town. Make sure you sample the locally brewer craft beer at Banff Ave Brewing Co.


Record-Breaking Snow Conditions

Banff benefits from a fantastic snowfall record. In fact, Banff Sunshine has one of the snowiest records in Canada, thanks to its elevation and location on the Continental Divide, so don’t be fooled by the name! The mountain sees up to 30ft of our favourite white stuff annually and thanks to its elevation, the snow stays light and dry, making for perfect conditions. Banff Sunshine has the longest non-glacial ski-season in Canada, stretching an impressive seven months from early November and lasting long into May.


Value for Money

Winter is low season in Banff so accommodation is incredibly affordable. Pair this with excellent value flight options and a favourable exchange rate and you’ll find this is consistently one of the cheapest resorts to visit in North America.

Find out more about our incredible deals to Banff; prices start from under £1000 for flights, transfers and a week accommodation, with fantastic deals available throughout the season. Book early for the best prices; currently we have savings of up to 25% available, with offers expiring on 30th November.

Don’t forget, we also run a price promise guarantee, so if you find the same holiday package somewhere else for less, we promise to match the price.

Check out our latest deals on our Banff resort page or give us a ring on 0330 102 8004.


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Skiworld Scoop: Top 5 2017/18 Updates for You


To mark our 35th year in the mountains (traditionally known as a ‘coral’ or ‘jade’ anniversary) Skiworld are making many changes, including having a coral and jade make-over ourselves. You may notice this in the new look which we are giving our website, which is coming soon. We are redesigning our online home to make it easier for you to use – in turn making it easier for you to find your perfect 2017/18 holiday.


Those who received our new-look 2017/18 brochure (if you haven’t, click here) may already have noticed our new colours being introduced. You may have also seen our renewed logo, which calls to mind a star emerging from behind a planet – a sun rising on many new beginnings for Skiworld.


So What’s New for 2017/18?


1. New Chalets


We have added 6 new chalets across top snow-sure European resorts for winter 2017/18, so even if you are a Skiworld regular you can find somewhere new to enjoy this season.



2. New Hotels and Self-Catered Apartments


Nearly 20, in fact! See which new self-catered apartments and new hotels we have added to your favourite resorts this season.

And remember – with our Price Promise, if you find any of our new hotel or apartment packages for less elsewhere, we will match or beat the price!



3. New menu


This season we have put the ‘fresh’ in ‘refresh’ with our new chalet menus. We have heard feedback both from our guests, and from our chalet hosts (who know chalet catering inside out), and updated our menus accordingly, bringing in fresh flavours with a renewed emphasis on honest and healthy food.



4. Skiing North America Made Easier


Our selection of USA and Canada ski holidays has now been crafted to make skiing in North America more easily accessible than ever before. We have refined the number of resorts we offer to better focus on those we believe to be the best for you – the easiest flights from the UK, with the best value accommodation and the best ski areas. We also have live prices on our website for North America holidays for the first time, including resorts such as Mammoth Mountain and Jackson Hole, so you can compare as easily as you can for European holidays. See all our best USA and Canada deals.



5. Ski Weekends – Minimum Hassle, Maximum Ski Time


Our website now also shows live prices for Ski Weekends to Chamonix, Morzine, Les Gets and Courmayeur. Thinking of a 3 night short break to any of these top destinations? You can now easily compare your options by selecting resorts on our Ski Weekends pages.



We hope you like all the improvements we have made for our 35th year. We look forward to welcoming you over the 2017/18 season, and maybe helping you to experience a new side of the mountains this winter!

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Our Guide To Booking Ski-All-In Holidays

Guide to booking Ski-All-In Holidays

We have recently launched our biggest ever savings on all-inclusive holidays. These incredible deals are available to book right now – this handy guide tells you how to take advantage.


What is Ski-All-In?



At Skiworld, we like to take care of everything you need for a great week in the mountains – that’s why we offer all-inclusive ski holidays, which we call our Ski-All-In deals. These packages include all of the following:

  • Return flights & transfers to resort
  • Chalet accommodation
  • Breakfast, afternoon tea and 3 or 4 course evening meal on 6 nights
  • Unlimited wine with dinner (until coffee is served)
  • Lift pass (Local or full area – you can choose)
  • Ski/board and boot hire to suit you (If you own skis/snowboard and boots, you can take ski carriage as an alternative)


All you need to do is book these components at the same time, and you receive a Ski-All-In discount of as much as £450 per person OFF. It’s that simple.


The amount of the discount can vary depending on the resort, property and departure date. You can see Guide Price Cheat Sheets of all applicable properties and dates by visiting our dedicated Ski-All-in page and clicking on the resort names in the Easy to Compare section.


You can also see the best discounts in each resort on all available dates below, with the best deals in green:




How to Book a Ski-All-In Deal


1.     Use our Ski-All-In Guide Price Cheat Sheets to get an idea of when and where you want to go (based on when the best deals are of course), used in conjunction with our chalet pages on our website to find the right accommodation for your group.

2.     Use the Ski Essentials price grids at the bottom of the homepage of the resort you are interested in to see what levels of hire and lift pass types are available.

3.     Call our Ski Specialists. Ski-All-In is only bookable over the phone, so call us on 0330 102 8004, and we can build your perfect holiday package for you. We can give advice if you need ideas, and can book you the best value holiday possible.



How have our all-inclusive ski holidays changed for winter 2017/18?



Ski-All-In was our most popular deal last season – this year the savings are even bigger, AND all Ski-All-In deals are now FULLY CUSTOMISABLE.


Guide prices on the Cheat Sheets are based on booking Silver level ski and boot hire, the cheapest adult 6 day lift pass available, the cheapest room in the chalet, and flying on the cheapest flight.


However, not everyone will want this type of ski hire or lift pass. You can now:

  • Take any ski hire from Bronze to Platinum level ski or board (or you can book ski carriage instead)
  • Swap to a full area lift pass if available
  • Upgrade to other flights and room types if available


Book any chalet and departure date featured on the deal with any lift pass and any ski hire or carriage, and you will receive a discount for your holiday package.


The overall package price will change to reflect the price of the ski extras you have chosen. Below is an example of the same basic holiday with different ski extra requirements but still offering an amazing saving!


Chalet 2100A on the 6th Jan 2018 Chalet 2100A on the 6th Jan 2018
Flights, Transfer and Accommodation – £709pp Flights, Transfer and Accommodation – £709pp
6 Day Full Area Lift Pass – £186pp 6 Day Full Area Lift Pass – £186pp
6 Day Silver Skis and Boots – £112pp Ski Carriage – £45pp
Ski All In Saving – £-250pp Ski All In Saving – £-250pp
Total Ski All In Price – £757pp Total Ski All In Price – £690pp


The deal can now be combined with CHILD DISCOUNTS too – not only will a child (2-12yrs) get their usual 5% or 10% off the adult chalet price, but they will also be able to book a child lift pass and ski hire, and be entitled to the same Ski-All-In saving.






Is Ski-All-In valid for self-catering apartments, hotels and North American chalets?

No, Ski-All-In is only valid on European chalet holidays.


What will happen to the price if I book a ski carriage instead of silver skis and boots?

It will decrease. The total price is calculated based on the ski extras you choose.


Will I get a Whole Chalet Discount or Group Discount if I book a Ski-All-In deal?

No, they are not combinable. You can either book a Ski-All-In deal with all the extras, or book your holiday without lift pass and ski hire and qualify for either one of our Whole Chalet Discounts or Group Discounts.


Will you get a ski saver discount as well as the Ski-All-In discount?

No, you cannot combine them. Our Ski-All-In deals include lift pass and ski hire so you do not need to add a ski saver pack.


Can I work out the prices myself?

Yes, if you know the prices of the elements in the package (all available on our website) and the current Ski-All-In saving you can work out the price. However we do advise you call our sales team to get an accurate quote.


Can Ski-All-In be booked online?

No, currently Ski-All-In bookings can only be made over the phone with our sales team, please call 0330 102 8004 to book. Please be aware, if you book the separate elements of a Ski-All-In deal online, the Ski-All-In discount will not be applied.


Can Ski-All-In be combined with family lift passes?

No, you can either book one or the other.



To see ours terms and conditions click here


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