The hills are alive… with the sound of sport!

In the middle of summer, heading to the mountains for an action packed activity holiday could be the last thing on your mind; the mountain sports holiday is surely only the realm of the winter vacation? Well, there may just be more going on out there at this time of year for the thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts than you think.
Plus what could better prepare you for a winter on the slopes? It pays to keep up the fitness levels now… Here’s our top 5 sporty ways to experience the mountains during the summer months:


1. Glacier Skiing

An obvious past time for a summer trip to the mountains, but one which many skiers never consider, or don’t even know is a possibility: skiing! Many resorts are open in part over the summer, offering glacier skiing and often great park skiing, for example in Les Deux Alpes. Being one of the highest ski areas in the world, from 2800 to 3600 metres, and with the largest skiable glacier in Europe, Les Deux Alpes could be said to be Europe’s capital of summer skiing. With 16 ski lifts open from 7.15am to 12.30pm daily, giving access to a purpose built snow-park and a sizeable area of marked pistes covering an 800 metre vertical descent, Les Deux Alpes offers a summer ski area bigger and better than many small winter resorts. Do a few runs in the morning, then head back into town to find a nice sunny spot for an afternoon drink and tanning session; surely the perfect summer holiday!
Other options:
Zermatt, Switzerland / Tignes, France



2. Cycling

The quadriceps and gluteal muscles at the front and back of your thighs are the main power muscles used during skiing. Cycling is a great way of training them during the summer months whilst enjoying being in the mountains, rather than stuck in the gym. Mountain biking has long been a favourite of the out-of-season ski-bum, however road cycling should not be ignored as a summer pastime for the avid skier. Road cycling tours are becoming readily available to book as package holidays, and what better way could there be to stay ski-fit in between winter seasons, enjoy some fresh mountain air, and of course enjoy some great local cuisine and summer sunshine.
Italian Dolomites / Arlberg region, Austria


3. Riverboarding (also known as Hydrospeed)

One mountain activity you may not have heard of; leave the safety of a raft behind, instead make your way down-river armed with nothing but a wetsuit, a pair of scuba diver’s flippers, and a piece of foam apparatus equal parts surfboard, toboggan, and one of the floats we all used to cling onto to help us learn breast-stroke kicks as kids – a Riverboard. (And probably best grab a helmet too). There’s no fear of falling in with this relatively new watersport, as you’re already in the water! Just surf the currents and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery.
Arve River through Chamonix, in the canyons of the Mont Blanc valley, French Alps


4. Golf

As well as being a great summer skiing location, Tignes boasts the highest golf course in Europe at 2100 metres above sea level, open every day from 8.30am to 6.30pm from June 27th to September 6th 2015. Golfing holidays can even involve all the family; Tignes has a mini-golf course which children and adults alike will enjoy, scattered with information boards telling you about the local flora and fauna. And you don’t have to be an expert to get involved, there is a driving range for practice, and you can take beginner courses from 3 to 5 days. Advanced players can hone their skills while on holiday with courses from 3 to 5 days.
Tignes/Crans-Montana/Les Gets


5. Canyoning

Another mountain sport you may not have tried yet; Canyoning consists of navigating your way along a river in a natural gorge, sliding down waterfalls, swimming through white water, jumping into whirlpools, and generally getting the adrenaline pumping. One exhilarating way of refreshing yourself on a hot summer’s day in the mountains!
Angon canyon, Lake Annecy, French Alps



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How to enjoy Christmas, whether you Love it or Loathe it!

For some people, the holidays over Christmas really are the most magical time of the year, for others it’s just another holiday and they are desperate to get away from it all!
Take a Skiworld holiday and you can experience either. Book a catered ski chalet and you can enjoy the festive atmosphere. You can always do your own thing, or if you prefer, book your own self-catering apartment. Remember in ski resorts, the 25th of December is just another day in terms of lift opening times, so get on the slopes early and you’ll have some pistes all to yourself. Ok, at some stage you may have to dodge a fancy dress skiing Santa, but, hey…
Plus, remember if booking a chalet, you don’t need to lift a finger in terms of cooking, washing up or cleaning etc…

Here’s a small selection of resorts you could choose from if you love Christmas…

Whistler is an incredible resort to experience over the Christmas period!
The village feels like a winter wonderland full of snow, Christmas songs, drinks, food and decorations! The mountain is in great shape to carve groomers and the powder is great. They can really get into the festive spirit on the slopes as well, take a look at the ski lift!
Santas on the ski lifts in Whistler
Mayrhofen Christmas holidays spent skiing in any resorts in Austria are fantastic, Austrian resorts love to dress the snow covered streets, chalets and shops with decorations. There always seems to be a wonderful atmosphere without being overly commercial in the festive season. Mayrhofen is especially good, with its own traditional Christmas market in the town; it’s a real winter wonderland, with traditional carol concerts amongst an array of festive events.

Les Arcs is another superb ski area to consider. It offers a great variety of challenging skiing and – and of course the excellent cable car link to the La Plagne ski area. Arc 1950 is arguably the most attractive of the villages, and especially during the festive period, there’s a real charm about the place. Take a look at Arc 1950′s video of Christmas celebrations in resort.

Here’s a small selection of resorts you could choose from if you prefer to concentrate on the skiing…

Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in the whole of Europe at 2,300m, so your skiing/boarding is assured. If you like to cover as much skiing as possible whilst on your holiday, again this is the place as it’s just one resort within the magnificent (600km) ‘Three valleys’ ski area. A great choice if you’re all about the skiing!

Tignes boasts some superb access to snow-sure slopes, due to its high altitude and excellent snow record. Part of the ‘Espace Killy’ ski area, it is especially good for intermediate skiers and boarders, with 300km of pistes, as well some incredible off-piste. Check out the Grande Motte glacier at 3456m. Enjoy those slopes!

St. Anton has a charming and picturesque village centre, but is world-renowned for its serious après-ski and an incredible ski area. With 340km of challenging pistes to explore, this is a fun playground for any skier or boarder that likes a challenge. The partying is always good too!



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How to get a job as a seasonaire

If you’re thinking about applying to work in the mountains with Skiworld, you could do yourself a favour by reading the tips we’ve compiled in this week’s blog.
After years of employing thousands of seasonaires each winter we know a thing or two about what to look for when searching for the right candidate…

First things first… The cover letter

1. Your covering letter is so important. It tells us why you want the job and how you think your skills will help you achieve. It gives us an insight into your personality and how you see yourself. If you have limited working experience, your cover letter could make the difference. It should be concise, about half a page or three paragraphs, covering the content of who you are, why you want to work in the mountains and how you meet the role requirements.
2. Giving us the dates and notice period of your current job is very helpful. It will allow us to judge where you’ll be when the season starts. In addition, you may want to join the season after January for example (it happens quite a lot!), and knowing this in advance will save us asking the question.

The CV

1. Have an ‘’About Me’ section at the start of your CV. Just a paragraph describing yourself, giving an insight into your personality. Try to avoid superlatives such as “I am the best at…” but be confident.
2. The main bit, your experience, should be broken down concisely for easy reading, including: 1. Descriptions of the jobs you’ve had and what roles you performed, and 2. Brief description of the companies you have worked for before and what they do/are. Tailor your experience to the job you’re applying for. For example if you are applying for a chalet hosting role we want to see proof of experience in hospitality, customer service, food and service, so highlight this to us.
3. Your contact details should be current. You may want to consider opening a new email account so you can have a respectable address, such as your name, rather than some strange nickname you were known as 10 years ago!
4. A photo can be useful, but it is by no means required. If you include a photo, make sure it’s suitable for a CV – e.g. ensure you are smartly dressed and well groomed.
5. Curriculum Vitae? We prefer “Concise Vision”. Your CV should not be more than 2 pages long. CV’s are primarily to show us your work and life experiences (such as D of E, 1st Aid, team captain, world travels, etc.). For example there’s no need to take up a whole page telling us how many GCSE’s and A Levels you have. While these are important, a brief summary at the bottom of your CV is sufficient.

The Interview

The internet, the library and your friends and family will be full of good tips to get you through what can be a daunting experience. However, you should trust your instincts. If we’ve asked you to come for an interview it will largely be on the strength of your CV and telephone screening, which is a huge positive! Here are some obvious points to remember for the big day though:
1. Preparation is key. Depending on the role you are applying for you may be required to prepare a presentation or maybe demonstrate your cooking skills. Make sure you allow time in advance of the interview to plan accordingly, i.e. you might not want to cycle to your interview whilst carrying your 3 tiered chocolate sponge cake!
2. Look the part. Whilst being a seasonaire will probably involve wearing baggy t-shirts, hoodies and beanie hats while chewing gum, you are now going to a job interview. The first impression of a candidate is the view of them as we open the door. You can make this a good one by making an effort and looking professional. Consider your body language, for example slouching in your chair might look a bit lazy.
3. Do some research. We like to see that you have spent some time researching Skiworld and are interested in representing us rather than just “getting a job”. Our website has lots of information about us within it. In addition, you should prepare some questions to ask us too. It will show your keenness.
4. Be punctual. Leave enough time to find our head office. Travel delays occur, so if you are running late make contact and explain the situation. Honesty is the best policy. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early.
5. Don’t be nervous. If you have got through to the interview stage you are doing something right! Ski season jobs in particular are customer facing and sociable roles so we want to see that you can talk to people confidently. We will recruit you for who you are as a person as well as the skills you have, so show yourself to us and tell us why you will be a great asset to our team.
6. Oh, and make sure your phone is on silent!


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Top 5 Weird and Wonderful Ski Lifts

A quick internet search of “weird ski lifts” or something similar will yield some bizarre results. It becomes very obvious very quickly that the humble ski lift has become a project of choice for eccentric engineers over the years.
From an impossibly treacherous alpine peak to the relatively gentle gradient of a Scandinavian Fell, skiers and snowboarders are treated to a variety of unique ways to get from bottom to top (and sometimes back down again). Rather than bore you with a list of them all, we’ve picked our TOP 5 based on, well, just how weird or wonderful they are!

1. The Single Chair – Mad River Glen, Vermont, USA

Officially retired as of Easter 2007, the original single-seater chairlift is woven into skiing folklore in ‘The East’. If the hardpacked, bitterly cold skiing conditions in New England are the true test of a skier’s mettle, then riding the Single Chair was as much of a rite of passage as skiing down General Stark Mountain itself.
At the beginning of the new ski season in the same year as it was decommissioned, a re-incarnated chairlift using the original 1940s designs was unveiled to the delight of local skiers. Despite most resorts building bigger, more modern lifts at every opportunity, the skiers at Mad River Glen think it’s worth holding on to a bit of nostalgia. Guess they simply just don’t make them like they used to.


2. Aiguille du Midi Cable Car – Chamonix, France

Alpine folk have always been on the forefront of mountain pursuits. Whether it’s climbing up, skiing down or jumping off them, the mountains provide extreme challenges that are just too hard to resist. So when, in the 1950′s the idea was proposed to build a cable car to the 3842m summit of the Aiguille du Midi, it was like a red rag to a bull and in 1955 the world’s highest cable car was completed, a record it held for 20 years.
The feeling of isolation and the vastness of the landscape during every ride in this amazing cable car makes the last journey to the summit just as thrilling as the first. Any trepidation you had to ski the Vallée Blanche whilst waiting in line at the base station probably gets tripled on the way up!


3. Titlis-Rotair – Engelberg, Switzerland

The Swiss – masters of the clock movement. If any country would pioneer a rotating ski lift it would be the Swiss… and they did. In 1992 the rotating gondola which links the mid-mountain with the top of 3020m Titlis Mountain in Engelberg ski resort was opened. At the time it was the first of its kind in the world.
The usual hustle and bustle on a big mountain peak gondola as people vie for the best photo-taking spot doesn’t happen on this unique feat of engineering. Everyone gets the same views at some point on the 5 minute journey to the summit, making for a more peaceful journey all round. Last year the gondola cabins were upgraded from just having a rotating floor to ones where the entire capsule rotates on its axis – quite remarkable.


4. ‘Roca-Jack’ Va a Vient – Portillo, Chile

Not so much a ‘lift’ as a veritable human sling-shot, the Roca-Jack simply has to be experienced. The biggest challenge isn’t the start, it’s disembarking at the summit along with four other riders – as you can probably imagine, there’s high chance of a slapstick ‘yard sale’ style pile-up of skiers, skis and poles!
Installed on a ski run named after one of the pioneers of Portillo ski resort, American bobsledder Jack Heaton, the Roca is just one of the va a vient lifts synonymous with the South American ski area. Ironically, it’s the safest construction method due to the loose geology of the area preventing more substantial and permanent chairlift towers being built. Like a button lift on steroids, the Roca-Jack provides as much fun on the way up as you’ll have skiing back down!


5. The Sauna Gondola – Yllas, Finland

If you’ve ever visited Scandinavia you’ll be more than familiar with a sauna. They come in all shapes and sizes in varying degrees of eccentricity. If you’re not sure what’s behind an inconspicuous door in Norway, Finland or Sweden chances are it’ll be a sauna. But can sauna-innovation go too far? Evidently not as far as Yllas ski resort is concerned; home to the world’s only sauna-gondola!
Unfortunately, stripping out of your ski gear down to your togs and grabbing a quick 20 minute sauna half way through your ski day isn’t possible. It’s a far more serene experience. Once the lifts close down for the day, your two hour session in the mountain-top spa can begin. Fully equipped with a 12 person sauna (on terra firma), a hot tub and a bar as well as the sauna-gondola cabin it’s a truly unique après activity! The gondola takes around thirteen minutes to reach the bottom, where you can hop out into the cold (if you dare) for a few minutes before riding back to the top for a bubble in the hot tub. Loistava!



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Top 5 chalets for ski location – as voted for by you!

Skiworld-Catered ski Chalet-Alpenland-Lech-Austria

We can reveal YOUR top 5 chalets that offer the best access to skiing

Skiworld have over 100 catered chalets in Europe, all with great credentials, but often the criteria of ‘location’ in terms of access to skiing, becomes the overriding factor in a decision.
Taken from our customers’ feedback results from the entire ski season, here are.. Skiworld’s TOP 5 Best Located Ski Chalets.
 No.5: Chalet Eisfall, St.Anton, Austria – Sleeps 15
St Anton is widely considered to be one of the best all-round ski resorts in the world, offering a combination of excellent terrain, snowfall, variety of lodgings and entertainment before and after dark. Chalet Eisfall ticks many boxes too, but it’s the location which makes it stand out from the crowd. The Nassereinbahn Gondola gets you right into the mix of mid-mountain skiing and the rest of the lifts which provide access to this huge ski area – and the chalet is right next to it! Cross the road with your gear on after breakfast and hop straight on the lift, spend all day skiing your socks off and then ski right to the bottom of the piste and walk across the road to the chalet for some well-deserved afternoon tea. The chalet is only a 10 minute stroll along one street to the centre of St Anton for some of that famous nightlife – easy peasy.
For more details or to book:

Chalet Eisfall, St. Anton



Chalet Eisfall, St. Anton

No.4: Chalet Chanterelle, La Plagne, France – Sleeps 12
Situated right on the piste in the Balcons de Belle Plagne complex making access to the skiing hassle free; the perfect choice for ski-in/ski-out convenience. The popularity of this chalet (and it’s two neighbours, Chalets Girolle and Morille) with our guests make it a shoo-in for this TOP 5 list. Perched on the piste overlooking the village of Plagne Bellecote, the phrase “ski in ski out” couldn’t be more apt – if someone holds the door open for you, you literally can! Within the chalet complex there’s a bar, restaurant and ski hire shop as well as a pool and hot tub. Five minutes’ walk along the boardwalk gets you to the host of other bars and restaurants in the village of Belle Plagne. And if that wasn’t enough, the entertainment in Plagne Bellecote down the piste can be sought via the village gondola which runs between the two villages until midnight! Guests can enjoy free access to the sauna, fitness centre and pool (reservation required) and make use of the massage and beauty treatments, which are payable locally.
For more details or to book:

Chalet Chanterelle, La Plagne


Snowy Exterior of Chalet Chanterelle, Belle Plagne, France

Chalet Chanterelle, Balcons Complex, Belle Plagne

No.3: Chalet Premier Neige, Val d’Isere, France – Sleeps 15
This chalet is perfectly poised for skiing, sat in the pretty hamlet of Le Laisinant. Just 50 metres from the Laisinant Express lift, meaning, at the start of the day and in normal snow conditions, you can ski from the Solaise bowl to the chalet at the end of your day on the slopes. Getting to the centre of town is a mellow 800 metre stroll, meaning you have the advantage of being close to the hustle and bustle, but far enough away for a bit of peace and quiet.

For more details or to book:

Chalet Premiere Neige, Val d’Isere



Chalet Premier Neige, Val d’Isere

No.2: Chalet Valerie, Tignes, France – Sleeps 16
Tignes is convenient by its very nature so you’d expect most chalets to have a good location, but Chalet Valerie’s is top notch. It’s on the ground floor of a complex (we have the two other chalets in the building – Francois and Dominique) which sits next to the Tufs lift. At the base of that lift is the ski school meeting point and a stones’ throw from there is the centre of Val Claret with all its entertainment. The Bollin-Fresses lift and the Grand Motte Funicular are but a short schuss too, which gives you several skiing options in the morning. The hot tub, steam room and sauna in the building are a real bonus.
For more details or to book:

Chalet Valerie, Tignes


No.1: Chalet Alpenland, Lech, Austria – Sleeps 19
Whilst ski in/ski out location in the glitzy Austrian resort of Lech may be the holy grail of ski chalet locations, Skiworld come very close with the Chalet Alpenland. The hamlet of Zug lies just on the outskirts of Lech and features some excellent local bars and restaurants, notably the famous Rote Wand. Access to Lech’s fabulous ski terrain couldn’t be easier via the Zugerbahn lift, located next to the chalet. Once you’ve expended your skiing energy, either ski right back to the chalet door or down into Lech for some après and entertainment. The local bus runs regularly to and from Zug until 3am (for the revellers in your group!) and the bus stop is just a couple hundred metres from the chalet. It’s no wonder this is our customers’ favourite chalet for ski access.
For more details or to book:

Chalet Alpenland, Lech


Snowy Exterior of Chalet Alpenland - Lech, Austria

Exterior of Chalet Alpenland

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The largest single ski area in the U.S.


That’s right, over $50 million of improvements, including a high-speed gondola will link Park City to the superb Canyons resort, creating a ski area with over a whopping 7,300 acres of glorious terrain. The infographic (above), demonstrates how the new Park City ski area will look for 2015/16 (in numbers).

‘Vail Resorts’ had planned to link these two areas for some time and finally the dream will become a reality.

This new ski area will beat the size of Vail by over 1,000 acres!

The Interconnect Gondola: An eight passenger, high-speed gondola will run from the base of the existing Silverlode lift at Park City to the Flatiron lift at Canyons.

Resort improvements: The investment will also see an upgrading of another two chairlifts to increase capacity, a new mountain restaurant, increased capacity at existing restaurants in both Park City and Canyons, as well as additional snowmaking facilities.

Great skiing and choice of accommodation: Known for possessing some of the lightest, driest powder snow, with all of these improvements, the skiing is only going to get better. The choice of accommodation ranges from hotels, inns, lodges or condo’s.



Click here to see Skiworld’s selection of accommodation on offer to Park City for 15/16…

Have you been to Park city or Canyons? Will you consider it as an option for your 15/16 ski holiday? We love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us below:

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Self Catering Ski Holidays

Self Catering Ski Holidays
“Why choose to cook and clean for yourself on holiday when you can stay in a catered chalet, especially when they offer great value?”… This is often the response from people when you tell them you are thinking about taking a ski holiday ‘self catering style’.
From our experience, you don’t have to be a dab-hand in the kitchen, nor possess the industrious work ethic of a well-seasoned chalet host to be able to fully enjoy a self-catering ski holiday – and ‘holiday’ is the operative word. There are certain benefits to having a ski apartment. Here are The F Words of Self Catering Ski Holidays:

The Benefits of a Self Catering Ski Holiday

- Flexibility: From fetching a cup of tea in your long-johns to spending quality chilling time with your nearest and dearest, having your own space, privacy and freedom is what apartments offer. But there’s usually a member of staff at reception or a company rep on the end of the phone to help if you need it.
- Facilities: Having a basic kitchen is what all ski apartments offer. In recent years apartments have become very spacious and the emergence of swimming pools, sauna’s, hot tubs, Wi-Fi, in-house grocery shopping services and in-house ski rental shops in apartment blocks means you are totally looked after without having to leave the building… Except to ski!
- Freedom: Ski holiday or not, after a long day on the slopes (and a bit of après), you might like a lie in.  Knowing that you can go anywhere at any time and build your own schedule is great – the only thing you have to remember is how to get home!
- French bread: Ah, la boulangerie! There is nothing like a morning visit to the French bakery to pick out breakfast pastries and a fresh baguette before heading back to the ranch nibbling the crusty bit on the end while you stroll through the snow. It also allows you to choose the best bread for your lunchtime picnic.
- Feasting: Cooking is a joy to many, and fresh food is plentiful in the mountains. A good gander around the supermarket and local delis is great way to pick up a range of local and staple food to suit everyone’s tastes. Plus you’re never far from a great choice of local restaurants, bakeries and takeaways to cater for whatever your particular taste is on any given day.
- Frugal: It’s important to be in control of your holiday spending. With self catering facilities you can save money on lunches, dining and après ski whilst still experiencing the local resort dining highlights. The value of apartments is also very reasonable and you can get 2 – 5* lodgings for 2 – 10 people, which makes it really easy to manage any sized group without breaking the bank.

Tap here to see Skiworld’s great selection of self catering ski holidays in many of the best European resorts…

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Top 5 ‘ski-to-door’ self-catering apartments


Ski-to-door and a fantastic price – go on treat yourself!


Do you enjoy the convenience of stepping straight into your skis as soon as you get out of the front door? Here is a selection of apartments, where, in virtually all of them, you can do just that – ideal! Take a look at the savings we have for each of these apartments including special prices for the 28th February 2015.

Kalinda, Tignes

Kalinda forms an integral part of this ski-in/ski-out altitude village. Formed especially for families and beginners with newly created beginner ski runs and close to the ski school meeting point, the calm and wooded residence has everything you need right on the doorstep. The modern establishment is finished to the highest standard and boasts impressive facilities including a lounge with an open fireplace, spa, indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, children’s pool and fitness suite. A recently constructed gondola provides easy access to the vast Espace Killy ski area meaning these apartments really are at the edge of one of the finest and renowned ski areas in the world.

Prices from £470 – SAVE £144! – Click here – (Price based on an apartment for 6 on 28/02/15)*


Interior of Kalinda apartment


Le Village 1950, Les Arcs

Located in the village of Arc 1950, these apartments own a true ski-in/ski-out position. Sitting amongst the bars, restaurants and amenities of this pedestrianised village, these apartments are in close proximity to everything you could need on your holiday. Whilst they look distinctly European, a North American influence is apparent as apartments are very spacious, of a high standard and offer wonderful facilities including an indoor pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.

Prices from £530 – SAVE £144! – Click here – (Price based on an apartment for 6 on 28/02/15)*


Swimming pool in Residence Village 1950


Les Brigues, Courchevel

On the red ‘Les Brigues’ piste in Courchevel Village (formerly Courchevel 1550), Les Brigues apartments sit in a superb ski-in location near to the Tovets chairlift accessing Courchevel (formerly Courchevel 1850) and the vast Three Valleys ski area. The town centre and Tovets chair are a 10 minute walk but the accommodation operates a complimentary shuttle service to the centre for added convenience at peak ski times. Les Brigues offer the best value apartments in Courchevel, with a slope-side location.

Prices from £304 – SAVE £140! – Click here – (Price based on an apartment for 6 on 28/02/15)*


Exterior of Les Brigues Apartments


Les Granges du Soleil, La Plagne

As its name suggests, Les Granges du Soleil sits perfectly in a sunny position on the piste offering ski-in/ ski-out accommodation in the heart of Plagne Soleil. With breath-taking panoramic views and a relaxed atmosphere, these apartments offer a prime location in the paradiski ski area. Possibly the most contemporary and luxurious apartments in La Plagne, Les Granges du Soleil offers smart and spacious apartments with some fantastic facilities. After a hard day on the piste, guests can enjoy a number of the relaxing facilities available, from the Jacuzzi baths to the swimming pool and sauna.

Prices from £524 – Click here – (Price based on an apartment for 6 on 14/03/15)*


Lounge in Les Granges du Soleil


Residence Village Montana, Val Thorens

Situated on the piste, guests will enjoy this enviable location with the nursery slopes on the doorstep making it perfect for families and those who want unrivalled access to the Three Valleys. A 5 minute walk from the complex, are lively bars, restaurants and shops as well as the sports centre with an indoor swimming pool and play centre for children. Decorated in a Savoyarde style, The Village Montana apartments are spacious compared to its neighbours and offer wonderful mountain views.

Prices from £386 – SAVE £288! – Click here – (Price based on an apartment for 6 on 28/02/15)*


Exterior of Village Montana Apartments

*Prices correct at time of post and subject to availability

For the best up to date prices please click here >>

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Our top 10 ski wear buys for 2015


The top 10 ski wear buys you should be seen in this season…


1. Contrast and coloured zips

For ski and snowboard wear this season it’s all about the contrasting colours and coloured zips. Here is our pick of the best ski and snowboard jackets from Haglöfs and The North Face. These jackets have been picked for their great balance of durability, weight and performance and high water resistant properties. As well as their bright designs.


2. Frameless goggles

Frameless goggles are where it’s at… more vision means less collision! We have picked these X-pose, frameless goggles from Summit. It’s minimalist frameless design boasts an interchangeable, double poly-carbonate, spherical lens that provides unrivalled crystal clear vision and comes loaded with full uv400 protection as standard. It has also been designed with an ultra-light, low profile frame, which wraps close to your face to provide you with superior panoramic views. Priced at only £69.95 we are sure you genuinely won’t find a truly frameless snow goggle on the market for this price.

3. Safety first

Helmets are the ONLY headgear to be seen in on the slopes, in fact, they should be a vital part of your ski kit. Protection is paramount when skiing and safely enjoying the slopes requires a sturdy yet practical ski helmet. There are now so many styles and colours available so you can stay safe and look great on the mountain. Salomon have a great range of helmets to suit all snow sports.


4. Bart’s beanies

A beanie hat is a must have for après and for wrapping up warm for those cold evenings in the mountains. We voted Barts to have the best range – super cool colours and designs to suit all.


5. And gloves for kids…

These fun gloves from Bart’s for the pint sized skier just had to make the cut – you won’t have any trouble getting the kids to wear these!


6. Melonoptics

When the sun is shining you will need your polarised sunglasses while you après ski – Melonoptics allows you to design your own pair of cool shades. The combinations are endless!

7. Onsies

Yes onesies are still in. In fact, on the slopes they everywhere. Kigu do just about every animal imaginable and Retro mountain are suggesting ’80′s ski wear’ needn’t only be kept for ski fancy dress. They have used a truly retro feel to create a unique yet familiar range of one-piece ski suits that are sure to turn heads on the piste.


8. Keeping Warm

We just loved these products from Therm-ic – Never worry about cold hands and feet again with their power socks and mittens. They’re both an eye-watering price, with the socks at £159 and the mittens at £220, but if you’re hands and feet are especially sensitive to the cold these battery powered socks and gloves provide up to 14 hours of toastiness.


9. Accessorise

Stand out from the crowd and accessorise your ski boots with these union jack buckle clips.


10. Bold

Bold and bright is the way to go with skis this season. Scott Sports produce a focused line of award winning skis year in year out all of the highest quality. Below is our pick of the best designs!
Hiring ski equipment isn’t the lottery it used to be. The vast improvement and variety in both ski and snowboard technology has resulted in a renaissance of the experience of hiring. You will be able to enjoy the latest models which suit your size and style, plus have the flexibility to exchange mid-rental to make the most of changing snow conditions. But why should you pre-book with Skiworld? Our overseas resort staff have been trying out the equipment from our ski hire shops and giving their verdict. Click here to read all about it!



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We are ‘Made in the Mountains’ – Episode 3


Skiworld: Run by skiers and boarders, for skiers and boarders…

We are ‘Made in the Mountains’. The staff at Skiworld are all passionate skiers and snowboarders and virtually all of us have worked in the mountains. We’ve asked some of our overseas staff, out in the snowy mountains as we speak, to share their ski knowledge and a few funny experiences with you!


Andy – Meribel Resort Manager


Andy ‘the lab’ is a bit of a Meribel guru having worked there for three seasons – since perfecting his snow-boarding skills he has now decided it is about time he tried the skis!

1. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done, heard or seen on the slopes?
One of the many fun things I’ve experienced has to be from last season in Verbier. I took part in a mass onesie decent. There were over 300 seasonaires dressed in a variety of different onesies; retro, animal and otherwise. And the idea was to create a unique and colourful display whilst having a bit of a party also. I could only get my hands on a white overall, so also went armed with a marker pen and attempted to get everyone taking part to sign it….This worked to a degree, however, it’s fair to say that a lot of people used some “artistic flair” to make their mark.

Mass onesie decent – Verbier

2. Which is your favourite ski resort?
It has to be Meribel. This is my third season here and I can see more on the horizon. Nestled in the middle of the biggest and most varied inter-linked ski area in the world; the town itself has plenty going on with après events and live bands every day. The skiing across the 3 valleys is sensational and for the intrepid, the off-piste is hard to beat. Everyone has to come here at least once.

Andy in Meribel

3. Which accommodation would you like to stay in for 2014/15?
Huckleberry in Vail, USA. I’ve never been to North America skiing or boarding, so the lure of a big powder day followed by a hearty American meal is massively appealing. I also know the chalet hosts working there, having worked with them last season, and they are absolutely first class.

Chalet Huckleberry – Vail

4. …and just for fun – Imagine you’re heading up a long 4 man chairlift – in the other 3 spaces, who would you choose to sit next to you (famous or not, dead or alive)?
Travis Rice – Legendary snowboarder. You know you would be heading for an adventure at the end of the lift with this man in your party; he does off-piste like no-one else. Sir David Attenborough – What a guy! There doesn’t seem to be anything this man hasn’t seen or done. It would be truly amazing to pick his brains for the duration of the lift…let’s hope it’s a long one. Will Ferrell – comedy genius. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally wouldn’t be able to contain my laughter around him. He would be hilarious and comedy is the best form medicine you can get.

Ben – Courchevel Resort Manager


Entertaining Team Courchevel with his regular slips, trips and falls!

1. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done, heard or seen on the slopes?
It started snowing during some great après ski in Meribel. I bought myself a bowl of chips and a vin chaud and took it over to watch the band. In my excitement I managed to slip on the deck, send fries, ketchup and wine high into the air and land on my back just before my recent purchase came flying back down to land perfectly onto my face. The band and the entire bar all managed to find a moment to point and laugh. I was still finding chips in my ski gear days later.

2. Which is your favourite ski resort?
This is my second season; my first was in La Plagne last year so it’s difficult to choose between that and Courchevel. But for me you can’t beat the skiing in the Three Valleys, such a massive area with a huge variety of terrain. I’m a sucker for a tree-line run and Courch has plenty of those!

Courchevel powder day


3. Which accommodation would you like to stay in for 2014/15?
I’ve always wanted to ski in Canada, and I’d love to stay in the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler. Not only is a fantastic looking building but it’s one of the best ski in and out locations in the resort which in itself sells it for me – and to top it off there’s a spa and wellness centre to go and have a relaxing swim after a long day riding the powder.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

4. …and just for fun – Imagine you’re heading up a long 4 man chairlift – in the other 3 spaces, who would you choose to sit next to you (famous or not, dead or alive)?
The Queen – fully geared up in a retro onesie, helmet and goggles, David Walliams purely for the camp comedy factor and Nile Rogers!

Gemma – Mayrhofen Resort Manager


Gemma has been working for Skiworld for 7 years, after a brief sabbatical from seasons two years ago she is back in resort and currently the Resort Manager in Mayrhofen

1. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done, heard or seen on the slopes?
This season I made the move over to Mayrhofen in Austria after 5 seasons in France. Every Thursday I take my guests from the chalet tobogganing; we go to the longest toboggan run in the Zillertal Valley which is at Gerlosstein and is a whopping 7km long! We do this in the evening so it is illuminated and we stop for a drink at one of the mountain restaurants half way before carrying on racing down the slopes. I can safely say this is the most fun I have had on the slopes for a long time, especially when there is a big group of you and competitive streaks come out! One week I took one of my chalet hosts, Chris who decided he would try and overtake me, I heard him coming up saying “I’m going to get you” and then a scream as he fell off the edge!! Luckily it is not a long way down but there was plenty of powder that he had to climb out of!!


2. Which is your favourite ski resort?
My favourite ski resort has to be Tignes, I spent my 2nd and 3rd seasons in this resort and it will always have a fond place in my heart, skiing is great and there is huge amount to cover if you have the Espace Killy lift pass, which will take you over to Val d’Isère. What I like most about the Espace Killy ski area when it is a nice clear day is skiing the four corners of the piste map, you start in one of the corners and work your way over to each section, La Brévières, the Tignes Glacier, Val d’Isère Glacier and the Fornet. There is a lot of piste to cover in just one day so it is a big challenge but one I have ticked off my list. There is a snow park in each resort which are always great to play in when the sun comes out in March. The people in Tignes are good fun and you know when you walk into Loop bar for a bit of après after a day’s skiing you will see some familiar faces and usually a live band to dance to. Most of Skiworld’s chalets here are ski-in and ski-out which is always a big plus.
3. Which accommodation would you like to stay in for 2014/15?
This season you have to come and see me in Chalet Stoanerhof, Mayrhofen. It is a beautiful chalet with good sized bedrooms, a nice boot room with heated boot racks and a cool sauna room which has some interesting paintings on the wall (see picture!) We have a nice restaurant and bar area where you can enjoy beautiful chalet food produced by the chef Fred and you will receive top service from the chalet hosts, Pete, Chris, Harry and Fergus. The ski area in Mayrhofen is huge with lots of little suburbs which you can take the little red train to which is all free with your lift pass. Next door to the chalet we have the cow shed and on a Friday night the owner will open his little bar (where he makes his own schnapps) to all the chalet guests.

Interesting décor in the chalet Stoanerhof!

4. …and just for fun – Imagine you’re heading up a long 4 man chairlift – in the other 3 spaces, who would you choose to sit next to you (famous or not, dead or alive)?
On my chairlift it would have to be Prince Harry, Alan Sugar and Roger Federer.

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