Austria: This Year’s Top Destination?


Austria is a great destination for a ski holiday yet for some reason it goes under the radar for many people. Whilst all the resorts have little nuances which make them special, there are some overarching elements which make Austrian resorts such unique places to go skiing.


When skiing in Austria, you’ll quickly discover that the local culture and tradition is still dominant, from the chocolate box chalets and villages to the taste bud bursting array of schnapps and delicious Kaiserschmarrn.


Sticking to Traditions


When skiing really took off in the 60s and 70s, some European resorts leapt at the commercial opportunity and built high-rise hotels and apartments. The Austrian Alps in contrast were well established when the boom came around and had no need to create new ski resorts; all that happened was that the existing alpine towns shifted their focus to skiing. The result; Austrian ski resorts have authenticity and tradition… they are unquestionably beautiful and there is something to be said for spending your time in an attractive ski resort. Skiing in the Alps can never disappoint in terms of views, however a charming and authentic alpine town to descend into after a day’s skiing, or to stop off at for a belly bursting Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn, just raises the skiing experience that extra level.


Food and Drink


Food in the Alps can be extremely varied at the best of times; however Austria consistently maintains high levels when it comes to their cuisine. Some people have said that Austrian food isn’t for them, however to get the full Austrian ski experience you have to embrace the local culture and to be honest there is something for everyone.  They are fantastic at creating hearty stews (goulash) which are ideal lunchtime chow. They are also experts when it comes to game and naturally, with their proximity to Germany, they are also pretty au fait with the odd bratwurst and its various permutations. Last, but certainly not least; their national desert, strudel, has got to be in everyone’s top 5, as well as perhaps the aforementioned Kaiserschmarrn!

In terms of drink, for the coffee lovers, Austria has the Mokka which is akin to an espresso but extracted slower and offers a fuller flavour. For non-coffee drinkers looking to keep warm there’s always the famous Viennese hot chocolate, and alcohol wise, the wide array of Schnapps will certainly keep you fired up for your afternoons ski! You can also find a few local beers like Stiegl and Ottakrineger which can be served in your old friend/enemy – the stein.


Top 3 Resorts…


St. Anton


It’s hard to say what St. Anton is most famous for… well known for being a challenging resort for even the most seasoned skier, a party haven for the wildest hedonists, and a great off-piste powder blessed resort – St. Anton wears so many different hats. It is consistently one of Europe’s snowiest resorts and regularly ranked in the top five best ski resorts in the Alps.





Few resorts have been more popular with royalty than Lech, Princess Diana was a famous patron and members of the Monaco, Dutch and Jordanian royal families have visited. However, despite this, Lech has remained relatively rural, although has seen an increase in up-market hotels and some gradual expansion of late.


The terrain in Lech is far more friendly than the neighbouring St. Anton and is probably best suited to intermediates. The big news for this year, is the 4 new cable car lifts which will connect Lech/Zurs with St. Anton, adding to the existing bus links. This will not only drastically increase the ski area and the variety of skiing of both resorts, but also create the largest ski area in Austria.





Thanks to Mayrhofen being the epicentre of a number of villages (including Hippach, Finkenberg and Lanersbach); you can choose from a wide array of accommodation to suit your needs. From somewhere in the thick of the action to somewhere more secluded. This resort has been a long-running favourite with Brits, Mayrhofen has an equally formidable reputation for après as St. Anton; party-goers aren’t going to be disappointed here either.

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Brexit: What does it all mean for skiers?


That is not an easy one to answer. Not right now anyway.


The old adage ‘a week is a long time in politics’ has never been so true. Since 23rd June politics in the UK have been at warp speed. Days and even hours have been jam-packed with changes and events that normally would have evolved over a period of weeks. Resignations, leadership battles, legal challenges, a new PM……….Who would have predicted a month ago that Boris Johnson would have become our Foreign Secretary?


For skiers, any travellers in fact, all of this does affect us; it’s all about the value of the pound. Perhaps we snow-lovers notice it more as we have lift passes to buy and possibly skis and boots to hire. We have meals on the mountain to account for too. And the occasional Kir or Gluhwein. More occasional for some of us than others.


The sky is blue. Trees are green. Markets don’t like uncertainty.


And the value of the pound has dropped perhaps because of all this uncertainty and fears of a recession. The optimists amongst us say it will rally. The pessimists don’t think it will rise to the heady heights we enjoyed pre-Brexit when that warming Gluhwein or cheeky red at lunch looked particularly good value.


Strength of the Pound – One month


What we do know is that we are moving in uncertain waters here. We are off piste without a guide. Unknown terrain. That may not be a bad thing. It’s just where we are now is on choppy waters. Rough snow. Crud even.


So to buy or not to buy? Hamlet may not have had lift passes or ski holidays on his mind when he asked that(ish) question, but we do. We have as you can imagine, been asked that question quite a few times this last month.


Most ski companies, whilst they contract accommodation over 12 months before the season starts, don’t pay for it then and there. That would be a mighty demand on cash flow. So sooner or later prices are going to have to rise to account for the weakening in the value of the pound. So it might be a reasonable course of action to buy now and at least avoid the uncertainty. Lock-in and look forward to a chilled Apremont or Weissbier on a terrace with a wonderful view.


Strength of the Pound – One year


And lift passes and ski hire? Same applies. Our advice would be to buy when companies are holding the value of their offerings (for Skiworld that is until 21st July) and then you can just stop worrying about it. Move off that difficult uncertain terrain and glide down a groomer or into the powder. Alternatively, let the operator take the risk with an all inclusive ski holiday… something which incorporates ski and boot hire as well as lift passes.


So, will we see you on the slopes? I’m sure we will.



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Snow-Camp: An Innovative Snowsport Youth Charity

Snow-Camp, an innovative youth charity and apprenticeship provider, recently hosted their annual City Drinks and Summer Auction. Hosted on the spectacular roof terrace suite at Norton Rose Fulbright, next to City Hall, it was a fitting location for an amazing event, with views to match.

More than 250 guests were hosted by the apprentices and snowsports stars, including; Chemmy Alcott, Jamie Barrow, Graham Bell, Cara Brown and Dougie Crawford.

During the City Drinks and Summer Auction event, guests got to hear some of the beneficiaries’ journeys from over the past two years. A candid approach really drove home how far many of these young people have come and the obstacles they’ve had to navigate on their way. It was clear in all the stories what an impact Snow Camp had on their lives (and future prospects) as well as the appreciation and gratitude they felt.


Snow-Camp supports inner-city, disadvantaged young people using snowsports as a way to engage with them – and what a fantastic subject to get them impassioned! The charity addresses personal development, work experience and apprenticeships to increase employability, tackling NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) head-on.

This is done through providing lasting experiences and qualifications; starting off with a young person’s first experience on the snow (UK artificial slopes and indoor snow domes), through to work experience, apprenticeships as well as qualifications to facilitate progression including NVQs and BASIs (British Association of Snowsports Instructors).

Skiworld is a proud partner of Snow-Camp and a strong advocate of the work they do, having employed people from the programme in the London office as well as fundraising too. On the night we were represented by one of our Directors, Diane Palumbo, and also donated two of the prizes for the auction.

The auction itself raised £18,000 with 100% of the money going to delivering the programme for its beneficiaries, which is the case for all donations made to Snow Camp, as Gift Aid and contributions from youth project partners cover running costs of the charity.


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Working in the Mountains: A Recipe for Success

Written by Paul Kay – Overseas Operations Manager for Skiworld



17 years ago I started my first winter season, I remember leaving completely amazed that somebody wanted to pay me to work in the mountains. Every second of that season was a privilege and I soon realised what a quality lifestyle you could have working in a ski resort.


When I went on my first ski season I had the life skills necessary to look after myself and perform my job. I would put this down to the fact that when I was growing up I would have had to do my share of everything – cooking, cleaning, maintenance etc. and if I wanted spending money (for clothes, socialising, or anything else) then I was told to go out and earn it.

Unfortunately, I feel that those times have changed and the generation coming into the workforce now don’t possess the skills and experiences needed to look after themselves. They have noticeably less life skills than they had been back in the 90’s and some kids are lacking common sense when it comes to everyday living. Personally I blame modern technology and computer games; I used to want to go outside just so I wouldn’t get roped into any more chores.


Regardless of how you slice it, ‘doing a season’ gives people a broader outlook on life and a skillset which will take them wherever they want to go and I’ve been extremely fortunate to witness this first-hand. It teaches people those good-old-fashioned, pre-games-console values of what you put in directly correlates to what you get out of something.

Running a chalet gives you life skills which will stay with you, skills which can be transferred, not just into any other career I can think of, but in the appreciation of life, relationships, and the variety of true possibilities they have in life. In truth it changes people, and invariably for the better.



So with Skiworld, we felt we had this amazing journey for people who came to work for us… but with some applicants not knowing what it takes to be a chalet host and we had to address it to maintain the standards we set ourselves.

Speaking to a number of our staff, we wanted to find out what they wished they had known when they first left home – whether that was when going to university or indeed on their first season.

Some of the answers were staggering! They ranged from how to use washing machines and dishwashers, to how to change your hoover bag and how to make a simple meal… all the standard ones you’d expect. But there were also some corkers in there too, like for example how does the food get into the cupboard and how to freeze things.


Initially we had thought of setting up The Mountain Cookery School as a straight forward cooking course but through the research we’d conducted (both internally and externally) we decided we needed two focuses.

The first, the Life Skills Course looks at cooking skills (tailored to the individual), financial management, shopping efficiently, domestic skills, time management, personal wellbeing and CV and covering letter advice. We realised there were people who were moving out of home for the first time… going to university, buying their first house, or getting their first job away from home who needed these skills.

With the second, the Season Worker Course the course looks at developing the culinary skills to chalet standard, food safety, basic French and German as well as educating what life will be like in resort and what you’ll need to complete a ski season.




It was clear that a short, intensive course would be hugely beneficial – it presented time away from home (to get a flavour of what life would be like during the season) whilst at the same time learning vital skills, especially for those who wanted to work a ski season.

The courses are based in our chalets in Tignes which offer breath-taking views, and run throughout the summer months. The afternoons are split with learning by  a plethora of summer alpine activities and sports such as sailing, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, table tennis, trampolining, via ferrata, rafting, hydro-speeding, para-ponting, golf (crazy or otherwise)! All told there are about 100 activities on offer; alternatively you could lose several hours on a PlayStation soak up the summer by the pool or on the lake-side beach.



Higher definition than a games console!





So whether you’re looking to work in the mountains for a ski season, or you’re leaving home and want to gain a few valuable life-hacks, The Mountain Cookery School will equip you with everything you need to survive.


Call The Mountain Cookery School to book on 020 8600 1658

To find out more about working with us click here

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Snow Sure Ski Resorts for Christmas 2016



December 2014. The month that sends cold shivers down the spines of us ski lovers. Dubbed ‘one of the worst starts to a season in living memory’ by the Guardian, it was a month that bought great misery to snow seekers across Europe.

The Alps sat expectantly, longingly awaiting glorious flakes of whiteness to fall from the skies above. Nothing came. Even the most hardened seasonnaires, who claimed to have seen it all, had not seen anything like it. It was that bad.






As the 2016 Christmas ski season fast approaches we couldn’t think of anything worse than putting you lot in that dreaded position. Although we can’t control the weather (we’re good, but not that good), we can guarantee you a holiday where the snow is as certain as the Jägerbombs.

We have collated together a few snow sure resorts for Christmas 2016. So if the curse of ’14 strikes again, at least you will be prepared.

Oh – and before we forget, to help you all get over December ’14 (sorry to keep bringing it up) we are giving up to £150 Off your holiday to these resorts and many more! This offer is set to end on July 21st 2016, so make sure you don’t miss out. Check out the link to see what chalets are available.


Val d’Isere


Val d’Isere thinks it is so clever! Not only is it home to some of the best runs, bars, clubs and restaurants in the Alps, it can also guarantee you snow.


Being home to two glaciers, The Pissaillas and Grande Motte, you can ensure snow right throughout the season. Additionally, the resort benefits from snow from Italy, as well as the north and north-west. So smug.


With the misfortunes of last Christmas still lingering strong, Val d’Isere is destined to be more popular than ever, so be sure to book as early as possible. We recommend Chalet Maison Rose– a fantastically located chalet with ski-in/ski-out.


Chalet Maison Rose

Chalet Maison Rose




Val Thorens


Val Thorens sits proudly at the summit of the awesome ‘Le Trois Vallees’ (The Three Valleys), often peering down, perhaps gloating, at the below resorts, marvelling in its copious amounts of fresh snow.


Val Thorens sits at 2,300m, so snow is never really an issue. Not only this, but as a member of the famous Three Valleys, and the fact that it has great links to neighbouring resorts, it also benefits from everlasting amounts of skiing.


With live DJ’s, a choice of over 40 bars, restaurants and clubs and a newly renovated leisure centre, Val Thorens is a resort that has it all.


We couldn’t recommend Chalet Phoenix any more – this Superior Chalet really lives up to its superior title. All rooms have en suites with Jacuzzi baths. It boasts not only a sauna (perfect for relaxing those ski legs) but also a 270º panoramic balcony which is a great place to enjoy your favourite tipple.




Chalet Phoenix

Chalet Phoenix







Known by some as Val d’Isere’s little sister, but don’t let that fool you for one second!


Lifts open here as early as October so you can see why we are confident enough to put it on our list for Christmas 2015. Benefiting from the same glaciers as Val d’Isere (The Pissaillas and Grande Motte) you will not be left disappointed.


This all action resort is all about Go, Go, Go! If it’s hard core skiing with extra activities such as ice skating, cross-country skiing, husky dog sledding and ice diving then Tignes is the one. With a decent selection of bars and Val d’Isere only a stones through away, you are never too far from a party either.


With all this action you are going to need a place to sink into pure comfort and the spot we recommend for that is Chalet Annapurna II. A fantastic ski-in Chalet with a lovely spacious interior. Be sure you snap this one up before someone else does!




Chalet Annapurna II

Chalet Annapurna II



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Revealed: The Most Popular Chalets – as voted by you

A chalet holiday with Skiworld offers a relaxed experience in a comfortable environment; the intention being to create a home away from home.


We asked our guests from this past ski season for their feedback on the chalets that they stayed in. We are always keen to hear what you have to say as we want to know what we are doing well and what we can improve on.


We have three categories of chalets; Classic, Superior and Signature and as a matter of fairness we have selected the most popular chalet from each category.


Classic Chalets are three to four star chalets and offer a good standard of accommodation with ensuite rooms and Wi-Fi. One of our proudest elements to these chalets is the food; we offer a fantastic three course dinner inspired by local ingredients to the resort, and this is always a winner with guests.

Superior Chalets add a touch of luxury to the Classic grade, these chalets are rated four plus and five star and you will experience an enhanced food menu, wine package, and added extras like vin chaud when you arrive. Also the chalet itself tends to have additional features such as hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms.

Signature Chalets are the crème-de-la-crème of our chalet range, they are graded five plus and are truly luxurious from appearance, to the features they have, and the food and wine that is served.



So without any further ado, our most popular chalets from this ski season are…


The Best Classic Chalet


Set in a tranquil location in La Plagne, Chalet La Foret was the most popular chalet with this year’s guests. This chalet boasts amazing views and is well located for the slopes as well as the resort centre. Little features like the open fire and heated boot rack make this chalet a real winner with those that stayed.


What our guests said:

“Stunning views from the large balcony” – Allison Ivory


“Rhiannon and Tony [the chalet hosts] looked after us superbly … being endlessly cheerful and welcoming to cooking us sublime food- my son says the chocolate orange cake was the best ever!” – Pandora Clifford


“Fantastic chalet in a superb location & I have already booked Chalet La Foret for my 2017 skiing holiday.” – Simon Bailey


Chalet Foret

Chalet Foret


The Best Superior Chalet


The best Superior Chalet from this season can be found in Tignes. Chalet Dominique has always been a customer favourite so it was no great surprise to see this great chalet as this year’s favourite. The Dominique is especially great for families as the ski school meeting point is just on the other side of the piste and the Tifs ski lift is also conveniently right next door. What clearly made this chalet stand out though, were the additional features of the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which have continuously won over guests.


What our guests said:

“Our first experience in a chalet and we loved it. Our hosts could not have done more for us, food was excellent.” – Christopher Angwin

“It was our third stay at this chalet… already booked our next stay at the Dominique for Jan 2017. Guess that says it all”
– Claudia Rose


“Tom and Emma (the chalet hosts) were perfect, the food was great and nothing was too much trouble.” - Alan Betts


“Was great that the chalet was right next to the chair lifts and just next door to ski hire, it was super convenient.” – Emma Richardson


Chalet Dominique

Chalet Dominique


The Best Signature Chalet


Our most popular Signature Chalet is Chalet Rosablanche, situated in the heart of the stunning Swiss resort of Nendaz. Undoubtedly one of the best chalets to look at, it is fantastically luxurious and finished to the highest standards, right down to the smallest detail such as Bluetooth speakers in every room. Boasting a great location close to the town centre and piste, the Rosablanche also features a hot tub and open fire – giving the evenings that added touch of luxury.


What our guests said:

“Hosts (Charlie and Mario) were great, very experienced – best food I’ve had on a ski holiday.”
“Nendaz is a very pleasant town, not purpose built, with its own charm
.” – Steven Brade
“Luxuriously furnished with wonderful mountain views from the balcony and hot tub”

“The food that Charlie and Mario produced was divine and such a treat from our usual home cooked dinners!” – Jennifer White


Chalet Rosablanche

Chalet Rosablanche


We would like to thank all those who sent in your feedback. It is always appreciated and helps us improve the skiing experience for our guests year-on-year.


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Insider’s Guide: Top 5 Tips to Unlocking La Plagne


Skiworld is a company which is run for skiers by skiers. Almost everyone in our London office has done at least one season skiing. As a result we like to think that we know a little bit more about the resort than what can be found from a quick browse of the internet.


In this piece we’ll tell you what we know about La Plagne, looking at the hidden gems that other people miss out on.


But to start us off, let’s cover off the basics. As most people will know, La Plagne boasts a huge skiing area – Paradiski. It is an area that encompasses La Plagne and Les Arcs which amounts to over 400km of piste, 70% of this is above 2000m. This means that La Plagne has a really solid history of getting good, consistent snow.

It’s one of the most well-known resorts in France, however it is underrated – this coupled with the expansive ski area means that La Plagne is rarely over crowded.


Right, now on to the business end of things…



1/ “La Plagne” of action…

Do it like a local. Get an early breakfast in and catch the first lift of the day. This way you’ll get the fresh snow to carve – as purists will know there can be nothing more satisfying. La Plagne is well known for its fair weather and a bit of sunshine, along with perfect ski conditions, goes a long way.

All this morning skiing will make for thirsty work. La Bergerie is a great mountain bar and restaurant with a large veranda – ideal for a vin chaud (although I believe other drinks are available). It’s easy to while away the hours there.

For the evening there are loads of restaurants to choose from, or if you’re looking for something more upbeat head over to Scotty’s, they typically have a live band on the go.


La Bergerie



2/ What if there’s a white out?

Skiing over in Montchavin and Montalbert will often offer relief as the tree-lined runs of the lower slopes offer clearer visibility. Incidentally, thanks to the trees, these two areas offer some of the best runs in La Plagne. The scenery is simply breath taking and an absolute must in sunny conditions.
Alternatively, you can always wait for the weather to clear in the age-old manner – a mountain restaurant. We’ll come to our top pick restaurants later but keep your eyes peeled as there are a few with open log fires which are always a great shout during white outs.





3/ La Plagne, great for beginners and families

There are four predominant ski schools in La Plagne; ESF, El Pro, New Generation and Oxygene. Each offers a wide range of expertise to suit various needs and offer group lessons, private tuition and off piste guiding.

If you’d like to know more; speak to our Ski Gurus who live and breathe for skiing. They’ll be able to tell you who is the most suitable, who has the best rates etc. You can get hold of our Ski Gurus by phone on 0330 102 8004.



4/ What are the best ski runs in La Plagne?

We asked our staff what their favourite runs were…


Favourite Blues

The best blue run in La Plagne starts from the L’Arpette ski lift, in Plagne Bellecote. It runs through Belle Plagne and back to Plagne Bellecote. It has a gentle gradient throughout so is ideal for beginners and kids alike. This run is perfect in the morning as it is a sun trap at that time of day.


Favourite Reds

The red from the Becoin lift down to Plagne Centre. It’s wide and open, at the same time as being steep making it an exciting run and can challenge those looking to graduate from blue runs. For added incentive Scott’s Bar is at the bottom for a celebratory drink – if necessary.


Favourite Blacks

It is widely considered that the best black run in La Plagne is also from the Becoin. The black however goes down to La Roche. It’s the longest run in La Plagne and can be testing. Due to it being on a west facing slope the quality of snow tends to remain.


Off Piste (with a guide)

The Northface of the Bellecote Glacier undoubtedly presents the greatest challenge. Its 1900m total vertical, starting from 3400m, and the beginning isn’t for the faint hearted kicking off with a daunting 45 degree descent. The run finishes in Peisey Nancroix.




5/ Eating out in La Plagne

As previously teased earlier on in this piece, there are three restaurants with fires so let’s kick off with those.


Le Loup Blanc (Plagne 1800)

This restaurant is a dream or a nightmare for those who find it difficult to choose what they want to eat! Le Loup has a bit of everything…. pizzas, fondues, raclettes and specialty meat, not forgetting their famed pancakes which are ideal with a hot chocolate. Perfect for warming the cockles. It is the first of the three restaurants which has a fire.


Le Grizzli (Plagne Village)

You know its good when it’s popular with locals and quite frankly it’s easy to see why. This place has the Alpine trifecta for the ideal mountain restaurant – tasty traditional dishes, friendly atmosphere and an open log fire. Ideal.


Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Plagne 1800)

Chaperon is a slightly more upmarket restaurant, definitely one for the foodies. This place prides itself in serving a great selection of local food and it’s widely considered that they serve the best steaks on the mountain. With an energetic ambiance and a log fire, this place is always a fan favourite for those who know of it.


L’Arlequin (Aime La Plagne)

This is one of the best restaurants in the resort. Completely unassuming, it’s just like a typical French auberge – no nonsense, quality food. The place feels like a family run establishment, owned by two welcoming locals; George and Monique. The food is traditional Savoyard cuisine and is a real crowd pleaser.


L’Avalanche (Plagne Centre)

Serving traditional Alpine food, you won’t be disappointed here. Located right on the slopes, you can practically ski in to your seat. You can expect some true French classics from here such as tartiflette and fondue.


Le Loup



If you have any other tips for skiing in La Plagne, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for hidden gems that make a skiing holiday that much more special.

Just drop us a comment or message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Our Best Dishes of the Season – as voted by you…


We’re really proud of the menus that we assemble for our guests so it is brilliant when we get such great response in terms of what you think of the food. There are a number of staff who are dedicated to making sure our guests have the best food experience possible during their ski holiday.


When designing the menu, a lot of thought is put into making sure it’s in-keeping with the local culture and that it utilises the local produce.


Without any further ado our dish of the season…



Overall most popular dish

From your answers to the survey, we’re happy to announce that the confit of duck was the most popular dish with over 95% of people describing it as “very good” or “amazing”.

The duck is also a long standing staff favourite and as a result we’ve made sure its available in all of our chalets.


If you haven’t had the joy of sampling this dish, it is served with vin chaud jus and accompanied with carrot ribbons, pea puree and gratin dauphinoise.

Our dauphinoise is made with the local beaufort cheese which is produced in the Savoie (an area which encompasses Espace Killy and Paradiski). Interestingly dauphinoise was historically served with ortolans, a french bird akin to quail.

The confit of duck itself is a South West speciality and came about as a way of preserving the meat but most importantly, as anyone who has ever tried it will know, is tastes delicious.



Signature chalets most popular

The haunch of venison proved to be a huge success with those who stayed in a signature chalet. An incredible 67% of you said the dish was “amazing” and when adding those who described the dish as “very good”, venison almost got a 95% rating too.


This dished is served with a red wine jus and wild mushroom tartlet, accompanied with crème fraiche mash and savoy cabbage with juniper.

Venison steak is high in protein, low in fat and is ideal after an active day on the mountain… plus it tastes delicious!

Wild mushrooms are a firm part of mountain cuisine and locals harvest them as they grow abundantly in the forests towards the base of the mountains.

If you walk the Alps during summer you will see hundreds of juniper bushes lining the pathways. And as all gin fans will know juniper is the main flavour… to me however any mention of juniper bushes just makes me think of Life of Brian – who of cause is not the messiah but a very naughty boy.




Other favourite dishes

Every dish in the top five received over 90% feedback in “very good” and “amazing” catagories.


Pork Dijonnaise.

Back by popular demand, it proved to be a successful return for the pork with almost 92% of customers praising the dish. Only available when you stay in a classic chalet.

The pork is accompanied by sticky red cabbage, mange tout and crème fraiche mash. It is a dish brimming with local flavours, using wine and mustard from Dijon.




Beef Bourguignon

Served with sautéed root vegetables and wilted spinach (available in classic and superior chalets).


A dish that needs almost no introduction, however we cook the beef as a whole piece of meat rather than a stew, as many of the French do. As can be expected from bourguignon it’s a big, hearty dish which is massively satisfying after a hard day of skiing.

Interestingly sauté is from the French verb sauter, which means to jump – something the vegetables do as you fry them off.



Thank you to everyone who voted. It’s great to hear your feedback, especially when so positive, and it helps us see your favourite (and least favourite) dishes on our menu.

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All Inclusive Ski Holidays from just £703pp



Reserve your place for just £150 | Save up to £250pp


When you think of all-inclusive, you think value for money and that is exactly what we are looking to give to you in this year’s Ski All-In packages.


This year is our biggest all inclusive offer to date. Not only for the package itself, but also for the volume of chalets and dates that are included. We’ve incorporated over 6000 beds over five separate dates, including Christmas!

Check out the deals for each date here:


20th December 2016      |      4th February 2017      |      11th March 2017      |      18th March 2017      |      25th March 2017
from £778pp       |        from £793pp       |       from 710pp       |      from £751pp       |        from £703pp


We’ve also listened to your feedback from last year’s offer and included ski boot hire on top of everything else.



Saving you time and money

With our all-inclusive holidays, we want to create something that includes everything you’d expect to get:

  • Flights
  • Transfers (destination side)
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Drink (chalet board*)
  • Lift Pass
  • Ski/Board and Boot Hire (silver grade) – alternatively you can have ski carriage



Making life easy

Get great value with minimal effort. Not only have we included everything we can think of in the all inclusive ski deal, but we’re also making it as easy as possible for you to book. With just one call you can book your entire ski holiday with just £150 deposit per person, including your lift pass, ski and boot hire.



Breaking down the deal




To see all the deals available, you can go to our Ski All-In offers page



Tailor Made

If you want to really make the holiday your own, we offer upgrades pretty much across the board. We can arrange for you:

  • Scheduled flights to suit you
  • Private transfers
  • Upgrades in menu choices and wine selections
  • Ski and boot hire upgrades
  • Lift pass area

This offer is call to book only. You can get hold of our Ski Gurus by phone or by email…



* Chalet board: Breakfast, afternoon tea, three course evening meal (as standard**) and wine served until coffee.

** Superior and Signature chalets have a four course menu, as well as an enhanced menu and wine.


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New Developments in La Plagne

La Plagne has some really exciting developments happening this year with seven brand new chalets opening for the 2016/2017 ski season.



The chalets are based in Plagne Soleil 2050 and are within striking distance of the slopes with the piste passing right next to the chalets. Named after mountain flowers the chalets are called: Benoite, Campanula, Crocus Blanc, Hepatica, Hellebore, Iris Bleu and Silene.

Mountain Flower Chalets (centre) with the piste above and coming down the left

As these chalets are being built we will be looking to give you updates of their developments and also give you insights to all the chalets.

The first little taster of the chalets that we’d like to give you is that they’ll all have under floor heating in all the rooms. We know this is something that will be appreciated after a day on the slopes. It is little elements like this about the new chalets that’ll warm your heart and really make your ski holiday a special experience.


Skiworld believes in creating a home away from home when you stay with us and the creature comforts that come with these chalets will certainly make you feel more than just comfortable.


The chalets will be completed in the Savoyard style, with a modern twist. Savoyard is a traditional alpine style which utilises beautiful natural materials, especially wood, with the bathrooms being finished in travertine marble.

Just to make your stay extra special, the 5 star chalets all boast outdoor hot tubs perfect for taking in the views and allowing total relaxation… a glass or two of wine goes a long way too. If for some reason that doesn’t appeal then all of them, except for Chalet Campanula, also have a sauna.


All of the chalets will be of a superior grade and in this case they are a mix of 4+ and 5 stars. As superior chalets, guests will have superior holiday perks which includes our superior chalet menu, superior wine and other addition enhancements such as a fresh fruit bowl and mid-week towel change. Naturally all rooms are ensuite and the chalets come with free Wi-Fi.


Make sure you keep up to date with the chalet developments as we move closer to completion. We will be posting regularly on social media; you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



La Plagne
La Plagne itself is a fantastic resort, as part of Paradiski area it has a huge area to ski. It is a great resort for families and group ski trips due to the resort being able to cater for all abilities, including decent off-piste – for those looking to challenge themselves.


Families do well here with a decent nursery slopes around, good ski schools and a large volume of blue and gentle red runs to graduate on to.


It is also usually reliable for snow throughout the season and is often around the top of the snow charts in relation to the other French resorts.




Ski Holiday Deals


For a limited time only all of these chalets are available on our Early Booking Offers, this means that on selected dates you can get up to £100 off per person or a BOGOF lift pass.


Also in Chalet Hepatica, Campanula and Silene, we have a Whole Chalet Discount. Which means if you book the entire chalet, each member of your group will get an additional £20 off their holiday.


And if that wasn’t enough, you can save even more through our Group Discounts. Depending on your travel date, your holiday could be discounted by up to 12% through our Silver Group Discount.

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